Nizhny Novgorod turns 800 years old: how to spend the best weekend in the New Year's capital

Nizhny Novgorod turns 800 years old: how to spend the best weekend in the New Year's capital The main events related to the 800th anniversary will begin on June 12. The culmination of the celebrations will be on August 19, and all will end on September 12 - directly on the Day of the City. By the beginning of December, the main winter attributes and celebrations will move to the New Year's capital. But why wait for some significant dates, when you can go here next weekend.

New Novgorod has always been famous for its natural and architectural beauty, which fascinated artists for many centuries. It will be especially attractive for residents of large metropolises, who have forgotten what the real winter should look like. The city has a large number of viewing platforms. Climb one of the most popular, you can climb the famous Chkalov staircase - one of the symbols of Novgorod.

The Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin is a 5-minute walk from the stairs. The oldest architectural monument in the city is a unique military-engineering structure. The age of construction is about 500 years. Some of the 13 towers erected around the fortress have observation decks. The fortification is also a center for contemporary art exhibitions.

From the Kremlin itself stretches the main street of the city - the Great Pokrovskaya or as it is called by the locals - "Blood." Along the wide avenue, reminiscent of Moscow Arbat, there are many iconic historical sites. Funny sculptures are often found next to the old buildings. Here you can meet a lot of familiar characters.

No less interesting will be a visit to the Christmas street. It also originates from the Kremlin area and extends along the Lower Volga embankment. In addition to the mesmerizing scenery on Christmas, you can see the preserved in excellent condition merchant building of the 19th century. Income houses, rich mansions are all reminders that Nizhny Novgorod was once one of the most important shopping centers of the Russian Empire.

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