Secrets of St. Petersburg: what surprises the cultural capital

Secrets of St. Petersburg: what surprises the cultural capital One of The most extraordinary places in St. Petersburg is the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art. One of the exhibits allows to determine which of the brain hemispheres dominates in humans. It is enough to put your hands to a special installation and listen carefully. If melodic music plays in the ears, the left dominates, if chaotic - right. Here you can find out the time on interesting clocks, in which the figures are made in the form of naked human bodies. You can recognize it from the "labutens" in front of it.

Visiting Erarta you can go to the Museum of Theatre and Musical Art. It is best to come there before a performance or concert. They will tell you what you can't hear on regular excursions. You can learn a lot of unusual facts from the life of famous Russian writers and artists. Some exhibits can even be touched or used for their intended purpose.

Another equally interesting place is the St. Petersburg Art and Industrial Academy named after Stieglitz. A unique collection of porcelain is collected within its walls. Initially, it was possible to get such products only in China, which carefully kept the secrets of production. At that time, for a small cup were ready to give a chest of silver. If the product was broken, the fragments were not thrown away, but framed with gold and used as decorations.

Be sure to look at the world-famous Faberge Museum. Among the exhibits are not only jewelry, but works of art and everyday objects, made with amazing skill. Interesting fact: in the collection of imperial Easter eggs there is one copy, which is a model of the carriage Catherine II.

You can see a collection of old carriages belonging to the royal family in the center of the Hermitage "Old Village". Free walks are not allowed in the halls: they run in small groups, everything is fenced, each door is personally opened by employees. Here are the objects of everyday life of the imperial environment - outfits, icons, a separate room allocated for carriages.

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