How to reduce the weight of luggage: simple recommendations from airport staff

How to reduce the weight of luggage: simple recommendations from airport staff Why not take an example from experienced travelers who can travel half the world with just a small backpack behind their shoulders. Why fight every time because of the suitcase fees and overpay on weight control. A few simple tips from airport workers will help to cope with this problem and even a bad habit.

The process of collecting on a trip should be given special attention and think several times before putting in a suitcase certain items. Don't take what's in place. It is better to allocate a few minutes, call the hostel, the hotel - the place where it is planned to make a stop, and clarify the presence of hair dryer, bedding, slippers, toiletries, so as not to pull them out of the house. As for cosmetics, it is better to buy a special camping set, which will include everything you need and take up a minimum of space. If there are disputes about some things - they can also be safely left, as experienced tourists notice.

Special attention should be paid to the wardrobe. It is better to choose things of neutral tones, so that they all fit together. You should also stick to the golden rule: do not take clothes, more than necessary. You don't have to try on a new image every day. On vacation go not for a fashion show, but to get new impressions. In addition, it should be taken into account that even in the most run-down hotels or hostels in 99% of cases there will be laundry, no need to take clothes on the basis: "got dirty, I'll wear another, wash at home." Experienced travelers use another trick: the heaviest things they carry on themselves. This can be inconvenient, but sometimes you can save a suitcase.

It is amazing that in the 21st century many people continue to use magazines and brochures for travel planning. It is more practical to take something useful with you than to fill a bag full of waste paper. All the necessary information can be found and installed in the phone.

Also, for security reasons, airport workers advised tourists not to put in the luggage of what they will not be able to do without later. It is better to keep with you items without which it will be difficult to live at least a week in case of loss of the bag: medicines, phone, keys, gadgets, etc.

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