Russian Switzerland. Or why go to Belokurikha in the fall. Part 2

Russian Switzerland. Or why go to Belokurikha in the fall. Part 2 When traveling around Belokurikha, you should definitely choose one of the terrenkurs, or "health paths", which begin in the city and diverge in different directions, passing through the forest zone, mountains, rocks and other picturesque places. Depending on the chosen direction, the length of terrainks varies from 3 to 6 kilometers.

Such trails can be traversed without special sports training. Nevertheless, a walk promises a lot of pleasant impressions. Terrenkurs in Belokurikha are equipped with special information tables indicating the distance and interesting locations. There are gazebos and benches nearby.

Among the most popular routes is the trail along the river. Belokurikhi to the Shishi stream. You can make a stop next to the old mill, near which you can see the ruins of the dam. Here you can take a picture next to giant boulders of a bizarre shape, as well as taste Altai herbal tea from a real samovar.

Another famous terrenkur begins in Belokurikha and goes 5 km to the granite rock "Four Brothers". The unique natural formation resembles human silhouettes in its shape and has an interesting legend. According to the legend, the rock was once really four brothers who decided to kill their fifth brother, who wants to tell people about these lands. The brothers did not have time to carry out their plans and turned to stone.

Not far from the cliff there is another natural attraction - the stone arch "The Gate of Love". There is a belief that those who pass under the arch with their faithful will find eternal love and harmony.

At 500 meters from the "Gate of Love", a trail begins to the Round Rock, from where a stunning panorama of the Altai foothills opens from a height of 300 meters.

12 km from Belokurikha there is a new resort complex located 800 meters above sea level. There is a ski track and a biathlon stadium. The descent goes through a birch forest, so even in summer it is pleasant to walk here and take memorable photographs.

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