Traveling in India: life hacks and useful tips

Traveling in India: life hacks and useful tips Going to India, you need to prepare in advance for the trip and take into account some regional peculiarities. Otherwise, you can ruin your long-awaited vacation.

Preparing for the trip. In the country, most of the sockets are of the European type, but in some states there are also British ones. You can find the relevant information on the Internet. Hygiene is an acute problem in India, so a good antiseptic and antibacterial gel will not be superfluous. The ability to withdraw money from a card or pay for something by electronic payment is far from everywhere. And in general, you will definitely need cash to move around the country. It is almost impossible to buy rupees outside of India, so the best option to have dollars with you is to exchange them.

Cultural features. The locals are very fond of bargaining. Of course, there are shops, supermarkets and other fixed-price establishments. But wherever payment is carried out exclusively in cash: rickshaws, souvenir shops, various markets - the requested amount can be safely divided by three. The cow is a sacred animal that should be treated with respect. Do not be surprised if, due to an animal sleeping on the road, a traffic jam forms. Nobody will wake up the cow. An Indian wedding is an event that will be remembered for a lifetime. You can get to the solemn event simply by passing by. Foreigners are always treated very well.

Transport. The most popular and widespread form of urban transport is rickshaws. They can be easily caught on any major street or called through special services. If you plan to travel by train, it is advisable to buy a ticket in advance, since they are bought up very quickly by the locals. This can be done on the Internet on the official website of the Indian Railways. However, registration requires you to enter a local address. It is very easy to find it by googling indianad dress generator. Night buses are very popular for long journeys. This mode of transport is usually well equipped and offers all the necessary amenities. Renting a car is the worst possible idea. Outright chaos is going on on the roads. Everyone moves according to their own rules. No one will figure out whose fault the accident happened, the repairs will have to be paid for on their own.

The main advice is that you should travel around India, throwing away any expectations, you need to open up and feel this fantastic rhythm of life. There is no need to lose vigilance, but waiting for everything to go according to a clear plan is simply pointless.

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