First trip to China: a quick guide

First trip to China: a quick guide China is a smelting furnace in which ancient traditions, the heritage of Confucius philosophy, traces of communism and capitalism, and cutting-edge technologies are mixed. Those who come to the Middle Kingdom for the first time say that this is a completely different world. Every day spent in China will surprise a tourist. Fascinating facts and helpful tips will help you prepare for the fantastic East and avoid unnecessary problems.

Changing money in China is not an easy task. The turnover of foreign currency in the country is strictly regulated by the state. Bank employees are afraid to conduct such transactions. Exchange offices are also rare. So it is better to change the currency in advance - at home. Or use electronic payment services.

Certain difficulties can also arise with booking a hotel: not all establishments have the right to accommodate foreign tourists. This is due to the fact that all visitors must undergo compulsory registration with the police. And if a traveler is staying with friends or renting an apartment - this is his problem, in the case of a hotel - the administration should take care of everything. Information about the availability of accommodation for foreign guests is usually contained on the hotel's website, but it is better to clarify this fact in advance, otherwise you can get a refusal right at the reception.

The vast majority of Chinese people do not speak English. It is owned by only about 10 million residents of the country, another 300 million are actively studying it. Only 20% of Chinese can introduce themselves or tell where to find a store or toilet. Nobody will learn the difficult language of the Celestial Empire for the sake of a two-week trip. The best option is to use voice translators, which will quickly decipher the information you need.

China has strict internet censorship. Launched in 2003, the Golden Shield Project restricts access to all sites and programs deemed undesirable by the local government. The blacklist includes Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube. In order not to lose access to your favorite applications, you can use a VPN.

In major cities, the fastest and most intuitive way to travel is by metro. A ticket or token can be purchased at the box office or in vending machines around the world. The fare depends on the distance. If you need to move frequently, you can buy a subway card, which will significantly save you money. The Chinese metro has easy navigation, in many places everything is duplicated in English. Ground transportation is also well developed. Buses are boarding through the front door. Payment for travel is carried out using a transparent box, which is located near the driver.

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