On a pleasant and useful will tell you the best baths of Europe

On a pleasant and useful will tell you the best baths of Europe Had the strong opinion that the model of a complex foreign device thermal spas have passed similar medical institutions in health resorts of the USSR. But over time, the tradition that "they" are all better than domestic institutions. So go out of the house to walk to Europe.

The "vacation voyage" preferred to start in Hungary. For those who wish unique baths in the caves "Miskolc – Tapolca". This is probably the only complex of its kind. Still worth a visit unique in its kind lukács, in which guests have 5 large swimming pools. The most beautiful complex of its kind in Hungary is considered the "Gellert". And "Budapest" is known not only in Europe but throughout the world. As they say, any whim, in accordance with possibilities of the client.

In neighboring Slovenia has its own special aquacomplex. The best in the country – "Terme Olimpia". The Wellness center includes several separate pools with a rapid current, geysers, SPA, beauty salon "Armonia" and other related services. The oldest Slovenian center "Rogaska Slatina" is also always ready to welcome visitors.

In Slovakia, thermal Spa "rajecké Teplice" is striking for its pools with mineral water and different temperatures. There are both closed and open. Sometimes this complex for water treatment called the "sauna world".

Crime will be the rejection of the visit of the famous Austrian Baden and his "Roman baths". The staff of this complex have chosen a simple motto that guided the work: "Feel good to do something good for the soul and body." To extend and enhance the experience of visiting this unique institution around it is arranged in one of the most beautiful parks with gardens, flower beds, Alpine slides.

To travel to such wonderful places that it is possible for 11 to 12 days of the Christmas holidays. Quite "fit" in the itinerary of the tour in Budapest, Tokaj, Višegrad. You can manage to visit the Orel castle in Slovakia and the deer farm in Austria.

A few days in early January, a pleasant experience and useful procedure and the entire year will be a happy, successful and healthy.

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