France: 100 years ahead. Nervous and impressionable not to read

France: 100 years ahead. Nervous and impressionable not to read Those parts of France that make up its coastal zone, according to some scientists, expect significant flooding. Warm waters of the Atlantic ocean fall in the southern region, which are flooded simultaneously with forest fires in the remaining green areas. Nearly half a million people will lose their homes. The ecosystem will be destroyed, there will be epidemics of tropical diseases. Much more serious and often will various natural disasters.

Scientists believe that climate change will affect a significant increase in the level of the surface of the oceans. Costs for liquidation of complications in Europe, related, are projected to be around 1.25 billion euros annually. After 100 years, the amount can become 2 times more. The share of France is approximately one-tenth of this amount.

The increase of the overall temperature of the planet will trigger the melting of glaciers in the mountains. Experts believe that by 2100, will not remain snow cover in the Pyrenees and the Alps. Disappear is not only a resort area. Mudflows, landslides will cover a large part of the foothills. Currently, the famous Mont Blanc is closed for a long time in connection with the possible vanishing of one of the glaciers on the slopes of this peak. Strong melting ice in the mountains will increase the flow of water flows in the river. It would threaten the entire system of hydropower, not only in France.

More frequent and longer will be the dry heat waves like the one that collapsed in 2019 in the country. Forest fires, drought, crop failure will become permanent signs of summer in France.
As a consequence of climate warming we should expect the appearance and mass distribution of tropical insects, and with them the increase of many diseases, including deaths, which previously in Europe only heard and read. To them, among other, include the Dengue fever, Chikungunya, zika. It was brought in by the French population, a notorious population of the mosquito the "Asian tiger".

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02.10.2019 France: 100 years ahead. Nervous and impressionable not to read

What awaits humanity in a century? What does not scare scientists, forecasters, astrologers. Reliable or scientific facts threaten the nervous condition of the average resident of planet Earth. Then the shift of the poles, and global warming, which will cause the melting of the ice cover of the oceans. A significant contribution to the approach of natural and weather disasters are making the people themselves, continuing to pollute the environment. What are the consequence for the population? One of the predictions says that more will be felt by France.

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