Became known, the thoughts and fears plagued passengers

Became known, the thoughts and fears plagued passengers Service Priority Pass that provides access to the area of the business class in more than 1000 airports worldwide, has interviewed over 2000 flying about their biggest fears when preparing for the flight and the time spent in the airport before the flight.

It is estimated that 49% of passengers admitted that the procedures with the Luggage at airports are causing the most stress. But there is another point which causes the peak voltage.

According to the survey, 63% of airline passengers are experiencing the greatest fear before arriving at the airport because of the emergence of Intrusive thoughts about the traffic jams that will inevitably lead to the delay of the flight. In fact, this fear is justified. As many as 9% of respondents said that one could not fly, stuck in traffic. Every fifth Respondent had a chance to run to the departure gate to get on the plane.

More than half of travelers – 61% are afraid of losing your bags.

Less likely, according to the survey, the passengers concerned with the process of boarding a flight.

Some passengers also shared their secrets on how they manage to get rid of the hassle at the airport. A third of respondents admitted that before the flight, relax in the pubs and restaurants of the airport. Half of the respondents are driven by the stress of shopping in duty-free. However, some are convinced that it is the most crowded part of the airport where you don't get, and gain the extra excitement.

By the way, recently British experts gave several recommendations that will help to overcome the fear of flying. Certainly worth a talk with the conductors, which will assure that the passenger is not in danger. You should also avoid caffeine and alcohol during the flight. From the obsessive and anxious thoughts will be diverted music, favorite movie or audiobook. Some helps to get rid of the tension side food, walking around the salon, and solving puzzles. Another effective method is a short dream.

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