Fans of exotic holidays were invited to spend six months in the paradise Caribbean

Fans of exotic holidays were invited to spend six months in the paradise Caribbean Curacao is a legendary Caribbean island located next to Venezuela. This is the very place where palm trees, turquoise water and summer all year round. The resort boasts a well-developed infrastructure and technical equipment. For example, its wide 4G coverage.

Curacao is considered the most advanced among the other Antilles. Its economy consists of tourism, oil refineries and offshore companies.

Until recently, only citizens of the United States and Holland had a chance to spend 6 unforgettable months on the island. Now, any non-resident who wishes can get the right to a six-month “heavenly pleasure”.

To obtain a permit, you must provide evidence of your employment in the territory of your home state, as well as documents confirming a stable income. A prerequisite is the presence of a medical policy, a return plane ticket and a receipt for payment of the tourist tax (about 300 USD).

Another document that has recently appeared on the mandatory list is a fresh negative test result for coronavirus (no earlier than 72 hours before departure).

During their 6-month stay, foreign citizens can leave the territory of Curacao and return back any number of times without paying a state fee. It is also possible to extend the temporary residence permit for another six months. At the same time, serious reasons can be omitted.

Interestingly, the Curaçao telecommuting program offers a short stays compared to those offered by Antigua and Barbuda. At these resorts, you can issue documents for 2 years. You can stay in Dubai and Barbados for up to 12 months. Although in Aruba the program provides for an even shorter period of stay than in the Caribbean - only three months.

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06.04.2021 Fans of exotic holidays were invited to spend six months in the paradise Caribbean

The administration of the island of Curacao offered foreigners to combine business with pleasure and prefer a local tropical paradise to a stuffy office, combining work and leisure.