Italian souvenirs: the best gifts for family

Italian souvenirs: the best gifts for family Italian tourism and shopping are one and the same. It is impossible to stroll through the old stone streets or bustling ports and not grab a bunch of colorful spaghetti or powdered sweets with you. Delicious shopping beckons travelers from all windows. Therefore, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of bringing unusual gifts to your homeland.

What is it impossible to imagine Italy without? That's right, no pasta, olives and olive oil. However, it is better to refuse spaghetti. They can be found in stores in any country. In addition, spaghetti is quite fragile and takes up a large volume. For example, a real basil sauce would be a good souvenir. It is better to buy any products in supermarkets, rather than souvenir shops, since the latter greatly increase prices, relying on inexperienced tourists.

Each region of Italy is famous for its unique varieties of wine. Regarding the choice, it is better to buy varieties of the region through which the journey takes place. Prosciutto and salami with a bottle of balsamic vinegar will be an excellent addition to wine. If you need to somehow diversify the souvenir set, you should remember the grappa and the famous limoncello.

In search of the Italian soul, you should definitely go for handmade gifts. There are many family workshops around the country where you can buy quality haberdashery, bags and wallets made of real leather. Everyone who is at least passing through Rome should not pass by the Bartolucci shops. The shops became world famous thanks to handmade watches and wooden figures of Pinocchio.

According to many tourists, lace is considered one of the best Italian souvenirs. It is better to make the island of Burano the last point of your trip, otherwise after visiting local shops, there will simply be no money left for other gifts. Lace masterpieces win hearts at first sight. They can compete in beauty, perhaps, with local landscapes.

Lovers of sweet gifts should visit Turin. In the ancient city, time-tested recipes blended with modern technology. The result of this symbiosis simply hits the taste buds. Where else can you try hot pepper chocolate or rosemary candy?

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