In unknown China – direct directly from Moscow

In unknown China – direct directly from Moscow Guizhou, perhaps the most beautiful area of China. Amazing nature is striking in its beauty of any visitor, regardless of his tastes. Most colorful pictures in a variety of artistic and presentational publications is made here.

Beautiful, quiet, colorful and however interesting the landscape is far from a classic of modern skyscrapers, expressways, plenty of advertising lights – it is a real portrait of the ancient state, homeland of many inventions and discoveries, the fruits of which are still used by the entire world.

Guizhou is in the southwestern part of China, in the mountains. This is one of the most ecologically clean areas. There is no heavy industry, machine-building, metallurgical industries.

But here grow the best varieties of Chinese tea and some sweet, delicious fruit. Lovers of drink it is interesting to know that this is where prepare popular Chinese wine "Maotai", and the process of production and maturation lasts approximately 5 years.

One of the interesting features of this part of the country – a large number of holidays. In these places there are around 1000 in a year! The most important, as in most countries, the New year. Next in popularity – year-by-year Buffalo fighting.

Apparently, saying that there are people who have in the pocket 3 silver coins associated with these features of Guizhou.

In the presentation of a new tourist destination took part the Ambassador of the Chinese national Republic in the Russian Federation and the Governor of Guizhou province. They expressed hope for increase in tourism from Russia to China. In the past year
travelers in China amounted to about 14.5 thousand tourists.

Now open a new direct flight direct from Moscow to major cities, right in the center of the province of Guiyang. This is a good opportunity to open a new unexplored corner of the world.

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