In the footsteps of the Lord of the Rings: 7 places of Middle-earth that can be visited in the real world

In the footsteps of the Lord of the Rings: 7 places of Middle-earth that can be visited in the real world

Initially, the world of Middle-earth Tolkien could be visited only in his imagination. Walking the Shire or Rivendell, the white towers of Gondor became a reality only if you let your soul travel while reading the trilogy "Vlestelina Rings." But after the film adaptation of the book directed by Peter Jackson, who since childhood dreamed of making a film on the trilogy of his favorite writer, New zealand has turned into a real Middle-earth.

Opens a list of the most visited places in New York, and part-time real-life filming sites of the famous film trilogy "Lord of the Rings" village Hobbiton. This setting is located in Matamata (Waikato district). It was used during the filming of "The Lord" and partially collapsed after finishing work on the film. But fantasy fans still came to see the realistic scenery. Therefore, it was decided to redevelop the site for long-term use as a local attraction. For those who are here, it may really seem that the curly head of the hobbit will look out from behind the next round door. Careful study of every detail of this place allows its visitors to move to the fantastic world of dragons, knights, wizards and amazing creatures.

The land of Edoras. The location became the filming ground of the second film of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings" while working on episodes in the capital of Rohan - the land of skilful riders and noble knights. Like the previous place, it is 100% real. It was here that the sad Eovin was filmed with golden hair developing in the wind, riders galloping on luxury horses. Everything from the wide, leafy green of the valley to the syst of snow-capped mountains in the distance was filmed on camera, without the use of computer graphics. The site with the city is not preserved here. But if you turn on the imagination, you can see in front of you the carved arches of the golden Medussel and valiant warriors going to the aid of Gondor.

Troll Grove. This place became the set-off of another Peter Jackson trilogy by Tolkien - "The Hobbit". It was here that filmed a scene where the main character Bilbo in the company of his fellow dwarves is captured by trolls. This corner of New York, called Piopio, is unique in its own way. After all, there are unusual limestone cliffs, covered with dense forest. The episode itself was filmed in the possessions of local farmers Susie and Warrick Denise, who founded a travel company that allows people from all over the world to see the places where the film epic was filmed.

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