Fantastic North: what to see in Karelia in winter

Fantastic North: what to see in Karelia in winter Every year Karelia's tourist popularity is steadily growing. The region will be a great place to spend a short weekend relaxing physically and mentally. Connoisseurs of active pastime will also be able to find here for themselves everything you need for bright impressions: conquering the peaks, walking on forest trails, descents on stormy rivers. In winter, all reservoirs are covered with a thick layer of ice, roads are swept by snow - life seems to freeze on the spot. But still a large amount of entertainment remains available.

In winter, be sure to go to visit the husky. The tour will be fascinating not only for children, but also for adults. Just 30 km from Petrozavodsk, which is the logistics center of the region, is a well-known nursery MOA. Cute and well-trained animals are constantly involved in expeditions. Everyone can ride on fast sleds and feel the spirit of the north.

Experts also recommend going on a snowmobile tour of The Paanayarvi National Park. Here you can also conquer the top of the small mountain Nuorunen and enjoy the fantastic northern lights. The park is known for its unique, thousands of years of untouched nature. However, getting to it is a real challenge. The reserve is located 700 km from Petrozavodsk.

If you get to the reserve through Kostomuksha, on the way you can meet a small village Kalevala. Here is the world's largest dream catcher, which is designed to protect the sleeping population from the effects of evil spirits. The amulet is 7.5 meters in diameter and weighs 271 kg.

Pure nature and interesting excursions always have a positive effect on the appetite of travelers. Karelia is a great place for real gourmets. Local guides and guides are advised to try the ivan-tea, infused with pine cones and wild cranberries, wickets (cakes stuffed with different cereals) and caramel jagel (very tasty moss).

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