Fantastic city of Sochi: 4 underrated tourist locations

Fantastic city of Sochi: 4 underrated tourist locations Sochi is a popular tourist destination and a real pearl of the Black Sea. Almost all guests are delighted with the local nature, sea and mountain landscapes, well-developed infrastructure. Like any other region, the city has its own "business cards" - places that are included in the standard tourist program and are very popular with vacationers. But in Sochi there are many equally amazing places that will amaze even seasoned travelers with their beauty.

Aul Tkhagapsh is a small village, the name of which is translated from the Adyghe as "God's Water". This beautiful place is entwined with many legends and tales, about which, oddly enough, very few people know. Perhaps the absence of tourists is even good, otherwise the pristine grace and purity would not have been preserved here. Thagapsh looks like a real paradise on earth: high waterfalls, mineral springs, a unique canyon, ancient caves.

Lake Huko is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and unusual reservoirs of the Krasnodar Territory. It is spread far in the mountains, so even on the hottest days of summer, the water temperature here rarely rises above 10 degrees. The view from the shore of the lake is simply breathtaking: the glass-flat surface reflects the clear blue sky and the towering peaks of the Caucasus. Locals consider the reservoir to be sacred.

Another little-known location, which only the locals mostly know about, is the wild beach "Red Storm". Here you will never see the bustle, noise or crowds of tourists familiar to Sochi. Although tourist service facilities have begun to appear in the beach area recently, the flow of visitors has not increased much. "Krasny Sturm" - has qualities that are rare for the coasts of the region: the purest clear water, fine not sharp pebbles, beautiful views and a convenient location.

A visit to the Loo temple, which is sometimes called Byzantine, will give a lot of positive emotions. The construction of the building dates back to the 18th-9th centuries. Today, only ruins remain on the site of a once majestic building. The external features of the temple strongly resemble the style of ancient buildings that are found in Abkhazia. Even ruined ruins combined with mountainous landscapes are a breathtaking sight. Small expositions are organized on the territory of the temple, which allow you to experience the unusual spirit of antiquity.

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