The most common mistakes of Russian tourists in foreign hotels

The most common mistakes of Russian tourists in foreign hotels Arriving on a long-awaited vacation, many forget about simple norms of behavior. As you know, an opinion about an entire country can be formed even by one guest. Therefore, before embarking on a long journey, it is better to clarify in advance the local rules and customs, which can vary greatly for each nation. And if for some offenses one can only be ashamed, then for others one can get a large fine.

Special attention should be paid to hotels, since most of the rest abroad takes place on their territory. The most common mistakes made by domestic tourists in foreign hotels.

- Visit a restaurant in beach clothes. Swimwear or swimming trunks - the type of wardrobe is appropriate only for relaxing on the seashore or by the pool. It is not decent to appear in such clothes in public places. In some states, you can get a serious fine for this.

- Visit to the pool after dinner. Many hotels prohibit swimming after an evening meal. The restriction is made for the safety of the tourists themselves. In addition, every day the staff takes a certain amount of time to clean the structure.

- Reuse of a dirty plate. When you want to take an additional portion of a dish, it is better to do it on a clean plate. This prohibition is purely advisory in nature, as a simple norm of etiquette.

- Taking food out of the hotel territory. The food, like other elements of the hotel service, is considered the property of the hotel. Therefore, its removal outside its limits will be calculated as theft with all that it implies. The same applies to other "gifts" that so often Russians bring home in their bags.

- Pay TV or alcohol. Many tourists, sitting for a long time in front of the TV, are surprised at the bill at the end. A similar problem arises with alcohol: there are often free drinks in bars, but there are also those for which you have to pay extra. You always need to clarify the cost of additional services, even in hotels with an all-inclusive service.

While resting, I want to forget about everything and enjoy every minute. But it is worth remembering one simple truth: feel at home, but remember that you are visiting. A simple rule of thumb will avoid awkward situations and unnecessary costs.

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