English dermatologists told how to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation

English dermatologists told how to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation Lately people have become more interested in the causes of problems with the body after a sunburn. But many are still confident that we can escape from the harmful radiation would help them the cream with aloe Vera, applied after sunbathing. In the organization of the British Skin Foundation (UK) claim that this is the most dangerous misconception.

Experts say that reckless thinking that has been damaged by sun burns the skin can be cured by using cosmetic products after tanning. Against DNA mutations caused due to excessive UV irradiation of skin cells, even the most expensive cream is powerless. Experts warn that damage caused by ultraviolet light accumulate like a snowball and eventually become the only and main cause of skin cancer and melanoma. Even if a person gets burned once in a couple of years, the risk is still there.

Of course, the cream after sunburn eases pain and moisturizes dry skin. But it is important to keep other safety measures:
• always apply sunscreen with a high SPF degree for half an hour before sun exposure and repeat the application every 2 hours;
• apply a protective agent on the ears and legs;
• use lip balm with an SPF;
• during the hottest hours to rest in the shade.

Also dermatologists recommend wearing sunglasses glasses block 100% of sunlight.

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