What to see in Cyprus: the best resorts of the island

What to see in Cyprus: the best resorts of the island Since April 1, Cyprus has opened its borders to guests from 56 countries of the world. All states, depending on the epidemiological situation, will be divided into green, red and yellow zones. Each sector will have different requirements. Of course, the quarantine restrictions continue to apply, but the main thing is that the island is open. So, it's time to think about visiting warm beaches. Brief descriptions of the best resorts will help you find the perfect vacation spot.

Ayia Napa is one of the most popular resorts in Cyprus. The well-deserved title is justified by the abundance of ancient and modern attractions, numerous amusement parks, bars and discos. Here, according to a large number of reviews, are the best beaches on the island. They are distinguished by good equipment and cleanliness, which is confirmed by the honorary award - the Blue Flag.

Anyone who wants to travel around the island and visit interesting places should stay in Limassol. The main feature of the city is its location. It is located right in the center between all the popular recreation centers and ancient attractions. And the resort itself will find something to please any traveler: antique architecture, water parks, diving, boat trips, sports centers.

Paphos is an interesting Cypriot town with an unusual name. It is considered one of the most expensive resorts not only on the island, but throughout the Mediterranean. Thousands of travelers from all over the world dream of spending their weekend here. No surprise, Paphos is renowned for its excellent service, clean beaches, fine dining and unique attractions. The city is a real museum, in which almost every building is protected by UNESCO.

Ancient Lania is the best place on the island to enjoy the unique flavor and feel for yourself the local measured rhythm of life. The age of the ancient village, according to the research of archaeologists, reaches 3 thousand years. A charming place sinks into the soul from the first minutes: old and well-kept houses, narrow and clean streets, entwined with flowers. It is not surprising that Lania is a favorite vacation spot for many artists. There is no better place to find inspiration.

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