What the tourism industry expects in 2021

What the tourism industry expects in 2021 One thing is for sure - the world has changed and, as before, it will not be. The forecasts for tourism for 2021 are reduced to one. The tourist flow will not increase until autumn. All leads to the fact that to go abroad will need a special document confirming the passage of vaccination, the so-called "boiler" passport. The number of flights will not increase, as airlines doubt the increase in activity of travelers.

Among all the problems that brought coronavirus, we can distinguish and one positive thing - flexibility. Due to the low demand between travel agencies and carriers, a real struggle for customers has begun. As a result, they began to offer more comfortable and favorable conditions for rest. This trend will continue for a long time to come. In addition, the tourists themselves began to approach their own health with greater responsibility during the holidays. Awareness of infectious diseases has increased significantly, insurance and consultations with doctors have increased before choosing and starting travel.

Significant changes have been made to enterprises for which the reception of tourists is a business. Their lives were divided into pre-coronavirus and after. As before it will be. The tourism industry will have to follow epidemiological guidelines on social distance, maintenance and cleaning for many years to come. It is possible that due to low activity in the market, prices for vacations will rise.

The popularity of so-called "slow" travel is projected to increase. The virus forced everyone to slow down their movement. And many travelers note that they will not be able to return to the previous pace soon. Today, when it comes to tourism, there is a growing preference for places within the country - closer to home. People want to spend more time outdoors. And such trends are noticed all over the planet.

Interestingly, after the first announcements about the successful creation and effective testing of vaccines, the number of searches for new trips increased by 30%. Of course, a few days later this figure fell again. However, the vaccine makes people feel much more confident.

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