The current list of countries to travel in 2021. Part 2

The current list of countries to travel in 2021. Part 2 Recently, Serbia is ready to receive tourists. A PCR test is required for entry. From here you can get to other countries where there are no restrictions for Russian tourists. There is no visa to Serbia.

The rules of entry to Croatia are also scheduled to be relaxed from February. But for Russia flights will not start until the summer. You will need to be tested (no earlier than 48 hours before arrival). If there is no test, tourists will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine or examination on COVID-19. You can get into the country by open Schengen. To date, the issuance of domestic visas is not carried out.

In Cuba, the PCR test is done to all arrivals for free. For visitors for up to 30 days visa is not required. The only condition is the availability of a return ticket.

In Egypt, the PCR test is done on arrival (30 U.S.). To get here for now you can only through Istanbul. A return ticket is required to cross the border. There is also a visa to rest for up to 30 days.

The rules of entry to Tunisia also provide for the presence of a PCR test. The visa is not needed here for 90 days. The same rules apply in Morocco, but they are added to the presence of documents confirming the hotel's reservation.

The situation with crossing the UAE border is a little more complicated. It will need 2 PCR: 96 hours before departure and on arrival (you can pass in the laboratories accredited by the Arab authorities of Russia - Gemotest, Invitro). You should also file a declaration for health reasons. No visa required.

There is no test for Brazil. But you need to show the return ticket and documents confirming the reservation of the home. Citizens from Russia can stay in the country without a visa for up to 90 days.

You can also get to Mexico without a test. There are no direct flights, but you can fly cheaply through Turkey. It is important to wear masks in public places and obtain an electronic entry permit, which is given for up to 180 days.

In the Dominican Republic it will be necessary to undergo a medical examination and fill out a health questionnaire. Visa and PCR are not needed, but the declaration is filled out before the migration control.

And complete the list of Maldives, where you can get if you have a test (earlier than 96 hours before arrival). The visa is celebrated at the airport. It can be located in the country for up to 30 days.

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