The current list of countries to travel in 2021. Part 1

The current list of countries to travel in 2021. Part 1 Today, the tourism sector, which continues to recover from the coronavirus impact, is undergoing a number of global changes. For example, almost no one uses an early booking. Instead, to minimize the risk of losing money, tickets are bought just a couple of days before departure. Also, when planning the trip, it should be taken into account that Russia has restored air service not with all countries that have opened borders to tourists. Therefore, direct flights are also very rare.
Despite all the difficulties, today there is an opportunity to go on vacation in many directions, almost not feeling discomfort and restrictions.

One of the most popular destinations today is Turkey. The government of this country has tried to create the most comfortable conditions for tourists to cross the border. When boarding a plane, holidaymakers must be provided with a negative test for COVID-19, which was done no later than 72 hours before departure. Children under the age of 6 are not tested. There is no visa for tourists who arrive on vacation for less than 60 days.

Good conditions are also created for travelers visiting Tanzania. There is no test result required here. Passengers are measured on arrival. And only if there are symptoms of SARS will need to pass a test costing 80 U.S. Visa costs 50 U.S. per person and is issued already in Tanzania.

From March 1, it is planned to open Cyprus for Russian tourists. Presumably, the trip will require a preliminary test. You can enter the country on an open Schengen or regular visa from Romania and Bulgaria. Tourists also have access to a service where you can get an electronic PRO-visa.

After the New Year holidays, testing was also cancelled in Montenegro. For Russian tourists who come for a month, there is a visa-free regime. But direct flights do not go here. There is an opportunity to get through Istanbul or Belgrade.

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