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View of the lake Ampolline. Webcams Crotone


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The Crotone webcam broadcasts a real-time view of Lake Ampollino from Palumbo Sila.

This lake is artificial. Construction began in 1916 and ended in 1927. Ampollino has a peculiarity - it washes 3 provinces: Cosenza, Croton and Catanzaro.

The city of Crotone, whose webcams allow you to enjoy magnificent landscapes, has an ancient history.

The village is located on the eastern side of the Calabria region overlooking the Ionian Sea at the mouth of the river Ezaro. The height of the city is 8 m above sea level. The municipality has an area of ​​179.83 sq. km and has about 60,500 inhabitants. Since 1994, Crotone has been the capital of the province. Today the city ranks fifth in Calabria in terms of population and plays the role of the most significant urban center of the Ionian region.

The main sectors of the economy of Croton, whose webcams are available on the site, are agro-industrial complex and tourism.

The seaside town is famous for its delicious local cuisine, rich history and culture. Crotone offers travelers an incredible cultural heritage that has become extremely rich over more than two millennia. There is also the archeology of Ancient Greece, relating to the fortifications of the Aragonese dynasty, the medieval old city, where noble palaces and ancient places of worship are located. The area is also pleasant for its climate. He is moderate here. Winters are usually mild and short. At the same time, a sudden decrease in temperature sometimes occurs, possibly with snowfalls, in the case of an influx of polar ice air. Summers are usually hot, but imperceptibly cooled by the sea breeze. The temperature can rise to 40°C only in the presence of heat waves with sirocco or libeccio winds. Precipitation mainly falls in autumn and winter, and there can even be severe drought between spring and summer. Crotone boasts endless plains that are only an hour's drive towards the sea. They end with beautiful mountain peaks. The coast offers a wide variety of different beauties. Capes alternate with bays, and sandy beaches are shrouded in rocks. From here you can endlessly enjoy the Ionian Sea. This strategic position makes the city an important point in the Mediterranean. Established as a province since 1992, Croton and its hinterland offer a natural landscape still untouched and extremely varied.

Webcams allow you to see local beauty in real time.

The most interesting settlements of the province, located next to the charming mountain lakes, are Trepido, Villaggio Palumbo and Camigliatello. Winter sports enthusiasts can ski here just 50 km from the sea.
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The Crotone webcam broadcasts a view of the Torre Melissa beach in real time. There is always calm water here, because. The coast is protected by breakwaters. If you go to the northern part, you can find a wild area with many trees. If you keep the path to the south, you can see the Aragonese tower.
Crotone, Italy 21.04.22
Torre Melissa beach. Webcams Crotone
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The Crotone webcam broadcasts a view of the Ampollino Lake area in real time. This is an artificial lake, which is a reservoir in the historical region of La Sila. Its construction began in 1916 and continued until 1927. King Victor Emmanuel III took part in the opening of the reservoir.
Crotone, Italy 20.04.22
View of the refreshing area of Lake Ampollino. Webcams Crotone
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Crotone webcam in real time shows a view of the Torre Melissa embankment. The embankment and the sea fall into the lens. The local beach is considered the most developed in Crotone. It has all the necessary infrastructure and hotels of different levels of comfort.
Crotone, Italy 15.04.22
Promenade Torre Melissa. Webcams Crotone
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The Crotone webcam broadcasts a panoramic view of the coast and the Aragonese castle of Le Castella in real time. The castle is located in the city center on Piazza Castello. Now it is the remains of a medieval fortress.
Crotone, Italy 24.03.22
Le Castella. Webcams Crotone
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The Crotone webcam broadcasts a view of the Villaggio Palumbo ski slope in real time. The Italian resort is located in the Apennines at an altitude of 1400 m. Villaggio Palumbo has direct access to 18 km of downhill skiing, served by a total of 4 ski lifts.
Crotone, Italy 23.03.22
Ski slope Villaggio Palumbo. Webcams Crotone
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