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Guy's webcams, which this site offers online, offer a panorama of a small industrial city located 246 kilometers east of Orenburg. Guy is also called the pearl of the Southern Urals for the rich deposits of copper-pyrite ores discovered in these places in the middle of the 20th century. A quickly organized workers' settlement for the builders of a new metallurgical plant twenty years later received the status of a city of regional subordination. Guy has become the thousandth city in Russia, and the locals are proud of this fact. At the Bashkir entrance there is a memorial with the date of Guy's founding and his jubilee status, written in bright meter letters. On top of the pedestal, a real load-and-dump machine with a bucket filled with waste rock is fixed.

The name Gaya comes from the popular nickname of the picturesque birch grove, located six kilometers from the city outskirts.

In this place, a mineral healing spring was discovered, which formed a small lake. In 1934, a small sanatorium "Gai" was built here, practicing balneological procedures using healing water and natural lake mud.
The Gai Mining and Processing Plant (GOK) can rightly be called a city-forming enterprise - the vast majority of the population works at this plant or at enterprises serving the main production. The city even erected a monument to valuable metals mined in these places (copper, zinc, gold and silver). And in honor of the 25th anniversary of the native plant, a picturesque square was laid out in the center of Guy. The birthday of the city is May 9, 1959, when the all-Union shock construction started, which attracted specialists and Komsomol volunteers from all over the USSR. A grandiose monument "Glory to Labor" now stands near the building of the plant's administration. The ten-meter sculpture depicts workers who discovered the first deposit of copper ore in one of the drilled oil wells.

In Gai, the memory of the tragic events of the Great Patriotic War is sacredly honored with many memorials and annual city events in honor of Victory Day.

In the square of the 25th anniversary of the GOK, a monument was erected in honor of the employees of the plant who participated in the battles and died. On May 9, 1995, at the crossroads of the central city streets of Lenin and Pobeda, a stele was installed with a commemorative granite sign and the inscription "To those who survived and won." And opposite the DOSAAF building on Molodezhnaya Street, a real open-air museum has been organized, representing Soviet military equipment from the Second World War.
The notable obelisk "Defenders of the Fatherland" is dedicated to the more modern military history of Russia. This tribute to the participants in the fighting in Chechnya is a tower with a cannon from the BTR-80, fortified on a brick pedestal.

If you watch Guy's live webcams, the order and cleanliness on city streets, as well as the abundance of so-called "green zones", involuntarily attracts attention.

Well-groomed forest parks and squares give this provincial town a special coziness. And the proximity of the famous Iriklinskoe reservoir (26 km from Guy) with its magnificent natural landscapes is of considerable tourist value.
It should be noted the typical layout of the city with a clear division of the territory into quarters, traditional for Soviet buildings. Wide streets and avenues, buildings and architectural monuments in the classical monumental style give Guy the image of a developed modern city with a touch of nostalgia for the past.
A grandiose memorial monument to the first builders, installed on a wide square in the city center, can be called its hallmark. The snow-white obelisk is made in the form of a drill, which raised the first sample of copper ore to the surface of the earth. A wide alley of white stone with decorative flower beds leads to the monument. A photo against the backdrop of this spectacular building is considered an obligatory tradition for every visitor.

In Guy there is a predecessor of this monument - a 25-meter stele on Pionerskaya Street, erected in honor of the city's fifth anniversary back in 1964.

The undoubted adornment of Guy are traditional Orthodox churches, the most notable of which is the Cathedral of St. John of Kronstadt with a high bell tower. This magnificent temple is unique in its architecture, typical of Russian church traditions of the 19th century. Although this main attraction of the city was built quite recently - in 2007. It is noteworthy that Gaisky Mining and Processing Plant allocated copper for the manufacture of the domes of the temple, and all the supporting structures and the roof were made at the local non-ferrous metal processing plant OJSC Gaisky Splav.

If a trip to this city is not yet planned, Guy's webcams, which can be watched online from anywhere, offer to go on an entertaining virtual journey.

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Webcam overlooking the City Square in Gai. The review covers a wide angle of the city recreation area with a cozy square surrounded by a highway. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can watch the weather and the current situation on the road.
Guy, Russia 12.03.23
Town Square. Webcam Guy
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Guy's webcam with sound broadcasts the local area of the house number 4 on Dekabristov Street. The overview covers the sidewalk and the car park. As well as the roadway, pedestrian crossing and houses on the opposite side of the street. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Guy, Russia 08.03.23
Decembrists Street, 4. Webcams Guy
57 0
Gai's camera shows the exit from entrance No. 2 of house 117 along Orskaya street. The lens covers the local area, the front garden and the parking lot. Thanks to good lighting in the dark and real-time broadcasting, everyone can track the current situation.
Guy, Russia 06.03.23
Orskaya street, 117. Entrance 2. Webcams Guy
50 0
Guy's webcam broadcasts a view of the house territory at 117 on Orskaya Street. The lens covers the exit from entrance No. 4, front gardens, car parking. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can track the current weather and situation.
Guy, Russia 04.03.23
Orskaya Street, 117. Entrance 4. Webcams Guy
55 0
Guy's webcam is installed overlooking the local area near the house number 17 on Pobedy Avenue. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can track the current situation, the weather and possible violations.
Guy, Russia 01.03.23
Peremogy Avenue, 17. Entrance 1. Webcams Guy
47 0
Webcam in the town of Guy with a view of the local area along Dekabristov Street, 3. The lens captures the approaches to the entrances, part of the facade, car parking and a playground. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can observe the current situation and weather.
Guy, Russia 14.02.23
Decembrists Street, 3. Webcams Guy
69 0
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