In Portugal came up with a new kind of extreme entertainment, similar to bungee jumping

In Portugal came up with a new kind of extreme entertainment, similar to bungee jumping A new alternative to the bungee jump is a transparent bridge suspended between Agiairas Falls and the Piva Gorge in Portugal at a record altitude of 175 m. The design is the longest suspension pedestrian crossing on the planet.
You can get to the facility in an hour, leaving by car from the popular city of Porto.
The base of the bridge is a metal mesh, and at the top of the crossing is held on steel cables. This design allows you to feel like hovering over the abyss. Although not everyone will dare to look down.
The bridge is supported by two V-shaped supports on both sides. The design of the object is made in a Tibetan manner. Such a structure practically does not sag in the center.
The journey time on the transition takes 5-10 minutes, depending on the speed of the extreme lover. Through the holes of the metal lattice from below, breathtaking panoramas are opened.
The idea of creating an attraction originated in 2016. Construction has been going on since 2017.
Among other similar objects in the world can be noted several more. This is a bridge of vines, thrown over the river Naya in Japan, hanging structures in Nepal, which are full-fledged passages, which are used not only by tourists, but also by locals. Another crossing is located in Ireland at an altitude of 30 meters. A similar trail is found in Malaysia (Taman Negara National Park). Unique views open from the bridge, which serves as an observation deck in France.
Perhaps the most frightening and dangerous are the suspension bridges in Pakistan, assembled from planks or retinues of ropes. The most eerie of them is the Hussaini Bridge, which is attached to the shores by conventional anchors and thin ropes. The distance between the boards is 30-40 cm.
The unparalleled design is located in the resort of Engelberg in Switzerland. The structure was created at an altitude of 3020 meters above sea level. It is considered not only the highest in the world, but also the safest.

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In October of this year, a new attraction for adrenaline-hungry people opens in Portugal. There is a transparent bridge, which is suspended at a height of 175 meters above the picturesque gorge. Now tourists can not only tickle their nerves, but also enjoy the wonderful scenery.

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