TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel. Part 2

TOP-12 best destinations in Russia for autumn travel. Part 2 Autumn mountains have a special charm, and the riot of colors is simply breathtaking. For example, an autumn vacation in Dombai will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions. With the arrival of autumn, the Caucasian ridge is covered with snow, but at the same time the air temperature at the resort itself is kept at around 20 degrees Celsius. Tourists can still enjoy sunbathing under the soft rays as well as hiking.

It is recommended to visit the Teberda Nature Reserve, where the change of season is felt as clearly as possible. There is also a picturesque lake in which the water, despite the autumn cold snap, is still quite warm.

Fans of active pastime can climb the top of Mussa-Achitara. But it's important to bring warm clothes with you, as well as sunglasses and sunglasses. After all, on the top of the mountain, cold reigns, combined with dazzling solar radiation. In addition to hiking, the mountain can be reached by cable car.

Among other activities on Dombai, it is worth noting visiting the Byzantine temples built here in the X century, visiting the thermal baths and waterfalls, the zoo, the Kuban gorge with healing narzan, and real relaxation in the sauna or hammam.

The next on the list of the most beautiful places for an autumn trip is good old Sochi. In September, the resort has a real velvet season, accompanied by the gentle sun, calm sea and an abundance of southern fruits. Holidays on the Black Sea coast at this time are suitable for everyone who does not tolerate the heat, as well as for those who do not like the huge crowds of tourists on the beaches and near attractions.

Until mid-autumn, rest in Sochi will become a logical continuation of the summer vacation. Various cultural events are constantly held in the city, and most of the establishments are still working.

The second half of autumn will give you the opportunity to explore the numerous natural attractions of Greater Sochi - dolmens, Navalishchenskoye gorge, Vorontsov caves, Agursky waterfalls, picturesque mountain peaks.

Also, in any autumn month, you can visit the famous Sochi Skypark, which offers unique attractions for the whole family.

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