Travel across the central Crimea. Interesting places that not everyone knows about. Part 1

Travel across the central Crimea. Interesting places that not everyone knows about. Part 1 Central Crimea, despite the fact that there is no sea or mountain ranges familiar to everyone, will find something to surprise even experienced travelers with. There are a lot of natural and historical monuments, entertainment and cultural sites.

The central part of Crimea includes such cities as Simferopol, Bakhchisarai, Belogorsk and several settlements with interesting landscapes and unusual sights. The main part of the local landscape is made up of steppes, hills, lakes, caves and forests.

You can start your acquaintance with the center of the peninsula from the "Scythian Naples". This is an open-air museum or archaeological reserve located in Simferopol. Its "exhibits" are located on the territory of the ancient Scythian capital, which existed here even before our era. On the territory of the barbarian settlement you can see the remains of fortifications, gates, mausoleums of ancient rulers, residential buildings and even a wine-making complex. You can get here by car, bus or on foot, following the signs in the city.

You can continue your walk in the Salgirka park, which is located next to the Scythian Naples. The territory of the park occupies about 42 hectares and stretches along the banks of the Salgir River. Here grow relict oaks, London plane tree, birches, Crimean pines, under the shade of which old mansions and estates silently tell their story.

Now on the territory of the park there is a Botanical Garden of the Crimean Federal University, with an arboretum, which can be entered absolutely free of charge.

Among the natural attractions of the Simferopol region, it is worth noting the largest cave on the peninsula "Red". In fact, this is not one cave, but a whole complex of interconnected underground labyrinths, passages, wells. There is also a real underground river here.

Fragments of prehistoric animals and ancient utensils have been preserved in the cave, which have remained forever sealed in stone walls. Around this place, there are a lot of exciting stories and legends. It is recommended to go to the cave as part of an organized excursion, the program of which can be chosen according to your taste, depending on your preferences in the format of the rest.

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