Summer vacation in Ukraine: top 20 ideas for an unforgettable trip. Part 3

Summer vacation in Ukraine: top 20 ideas for an unforgettable trip. Part 3 Wine and gastronomic tourism has grown in popularity over the past few years. Millions of travelers from different parts of the world are ready to travel thousands of kilometers to delight their esophagus with new taste experiences.

One of the places where gastronomic tourism is intertwined with excellent opportunities for a beach holiday is the village of Koblevo, located in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine. There is a large number of hotels, boarding houses and hotels designed for a wide variety of budgets, as well as an old winery where wine tasting tours are held.

The territory of the village is conditionally divided into two parts - Moldavian, where young people like to rest, and Nikolaev, where older people and families with children prefer to come.

In the same place, in the Nikolaev region, you can find the real Maldives, with white sand, azure waves and fragrant (though not exotic) coniferous forest. This place is called the Kinburn Spit and is often the backdrop for photographs. A large number of interesting excursions are also held here. For example, to the habitats of flamingos and pelicans, to mud springs or to a wild giant forest.

Those who are resting in the vicinity of Nikolaev or Ochakov should definitely take the time to visit the National Reserve "Olvia", where in the 7th century the camp of Greek colonists was located. To this day, ancient fortress walls, ancient temples and quarters have been preserved here. There is a museum on the territory of the park, where ancient artifacts are presented, transporting visitors to the amazing ancient Greek city.

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06.07.2021 Summer vacation in Ukraine: top 20 ideas for an unforgettable trip. Part 3

There is probably no such person who would not wait for summer on cold and long winter evenings. And with the onset of warmth and vacation time, everyone wants to spend such a long-awaited time interesting and bright. And those who travel around Ukraine are given such an opportunity like no one else. Where to taste the most delicious wine, how to get to the Ukrainian Maldives and the secrets of time travel will be discussed in this article.