Summer vacation in Ukraine: top 20 ideas for an unforgettable trip. Part 2

Summer vacation in Ukraine: top 20 ideas for an unforgettable trip. Part 2 Ukraine provides excellent opportunities for a variety of recreation, ranging from lying under the gentle southern sun on the beach, ending with the study of ancient monuments of history, art, architecture. But it is important to determine in advance a route that will be easy to do and will give vivid emotions.

Berdyansk, a Ukrainian town on the Sea of ​​Azov, is one of the most popular resorts, both for a relaxing family vacation, and for active pastime with a youth company. For example, in the city there are a large number of rest houses and sanatoriums, there is a large modern water park, one of the largest zoos in the country, a visit to which will please both adults and children.

Arriving on vacation for a dose of adrenaline, you can stay at one of the tourist centers that provide windsurfing equipment for rent. The peculiarities of the climate and geographical location have made Berdyansk the capital of Ukraine for this kind of extreme sports.

Odessa is the unchanged leader in terms of the number of tourists on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. It attracts tourists with its attractions, beautiful beaches, distinctive culture, well-developed tourist and entertainment infrastructure.
In addition to a beach holiday, those who have come to Odessa should definitely visit the Seaport, Deribasovskaya Street, Primorsky Boulevard, Potemkin Stairs and Privoz Market.

Lovers of antiquity will invariably love the ancient town of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, which is located not far from Odessa. The main attraction of this resort is the Akkerman Fortress, which is several centuries old. Despite its advanced age, the building has been perfectly preserved to this day and can please guests with colorful photographs.

Those who came here at the end of June can get to the festival of musical creativity, accompanied by concerts, fairs, thematic reconstructions.

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