How Turkey is going to control the COVID-19 situation in the coming season

How Turkey is going to control the COVID-19 situation in the coming season The tourism industry plays an important role in the Turkish economy, so the authorities are taking all possible measures to stabilize the epidemiological situation. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health of the country, the incidence of COVID-19 has a pronounced focal character. That is, the increase in the number of cases occurs only at the expense of some areas. The nearest centers are located 900 kilometers from the main tourist areas for Russian travelers - Antalya and Mugla.

Since the end of March, a curfew has been in effect in many regions of Turkey on Saturday and Sunday. Also, until May 12, - the end of Ramadan, throughout the country, catering establishments (cafes, restaurants, etc.) will work only for takeaway and delivery.

Turkey has high hopes for Russian tourists. Of course, some uncertainty associated with the pandemic continues to be present. But the authorities are making every possible effort to start the season normally: they are developing their own medicines, purchasing foreign vaccines, and introducing time restrictions. All these measures should help reduce morbidity. In addition, all popular tourist sites are required to undergo certification and adjust the service to sanitary standards. Also, everyone who is directly associated with an important industry for the country will be the first to be vaccinated.

Due to the tense epidemiological situation, the flow of travelers from Europe to Turkey has significantly decreased. However, the demand for recreation among local residents and guests from Russia and Ukraine has increased in the country. This segment has the highest expectations.

Despite the imposed restrictions, there is no panic among travelers from the CIS. Guests are not subject to curfew restrictions. But everyone is obliged to adhere to the mask regime, both indoors and on the streets. Catering establishments will resume their normal work at the end of Ramadan. Excursion sites, shopping centers, museums and other entertainment facilities are ready to receive travelers. At all all-inclusive resorts, the full range of services is provided in full.

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