For Russian tourists will be available the new visa-free routes to Finland

For Russian tourists will be available the new visa-free routes to Finland Tourists from Russia will soon be able to travel to Finland according to the navigable course of Vyborg (Leningrad region) – Kotka (a town in Southern Finland). This is a brand new way to visa-free travel on one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The run route is planned for next spring (2020). In just 2 hours, the hydrofoil will be able to deliver travelers to Finland twice a day. Distance between Kotka and Vyborg on the water only 100 km from the Finnish port vessels will arrive at the old jetty near the city center.

Experts in the field of tourism said that the launch of a regular shipping route will help Vyborg port to increase passenger numbers, due to the visa-free tourists. Themselves, vacationers can get an alternative way to travel to Finland. Today between Vyborg and Kotka buses. The trip costs about 500 rubles and also lasts around 2 hours.

The southern Finnish town of Kotka has a reputation as a cultural center of the entire state. The second name of the settlement "city of parks". Recently in the city opened the National Park, spread in more than 2000 Hectares. Along with green areas and city blocks, adjoins the Park marine waters of the Gulf of Finland together with the archipelago and shores of the Kymijoki river. among the other popular parks of Kotka – Sapokka, a herbal Garden, Park fuchsias and a Landscaped garden Isopuisto. 

In addition to the masterpieces of landscape architecture on the territory of the Park operates the Maritime Museum of Finland, the Imperial fishing hut and the castle Kyminlinna, which once served as a defensive fortification for the frontier of St. Petersburg.

By the way, the Russian city of Vyborg will also be able to attract tourists. The annals of this settlement begin in the distant 1239. On the territory of Vyborg preserved the unique medieval castle, Clock tower, house of the Merchant Guild and the old town Hall. Many travelers like to leave from Vyborg to another well-known city in Finland – Lappeenranta.

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