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Passignano sul Trasimeno. Webcams Perugia


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Perugia webcam in real time shows a view of the port of Passignano sul Trasimeno.

A pier with many yachts and boats enters the lens. This is a very small town located near Lake Trasimeno. From most Italian resorts, Perugia, whose webcams are available on the site, does not have access to the sea.
At the same time, it is no less charming city, because there are mountains here. The terrain consists of many steep descents and ascents, but it seems that this way you can view the area from different points.
The first thing to visit here is the Polina fortress. This imposing structure was ordered to be built by Pope Paul III Farnese at the end of the Salt War (1540). It was designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. It was built by combining part of the houses, towers and streets of the whole area - still passable inside - and the partial demolition of medieval buildings.

On the pediment of the Rocca Paolina, the architect Sangallo placed the upper part of the monumental Etruscan gate Porta Marcia.

The fortress, rising five levels, consisted of the main building and an outpost connected by a corridor. The first was built on Landon Hill, the second - called "tongs" - served as an advanced garrison. In 1848, it was partially demolished as a symbol of papal rule, and after the restoration of 1860, it was completely removed. From the ancient building, only the basement of the papal palace remained, which is still partially hidden in the ground.

Being in Perugia, whose webcams allow you to walk around the city online, you need to go to the Capitolare Museum.

At the same time, here you can look at the archaeological excavations of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. The museum is located in the old residences of the canons of the cathedral and spread over 25 halls. Here are stored works from the cathedral itself and from the churches of the diocese. Here you can see jewelry, church vestments, manuscripts, including the Gospels and antiphonaries, as well as paintings and sculptures of the 11th-19th centuries.
Next to the rooms is the entrance to the archaeological area of ​​the cathedral, where you can visit the original acropolis, built right above the Etruscan terrace with stratifications from different eras: Etruscan, Roman, Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The route, about a kilometer long, will show the Etruscan terrace walls, the foundations of a modern temple, a rich Roman house and the Etruscan-Roman road.

Perugia, whose webcams allow you to enjoy the local landscapes in real time, is a truly original city.

It is literally steeped in history. Walking along its streets and looking at medieval buildings is a pleasure.
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Webcam Perugia is located on the city square. Live broadcast allows you to see the local town hall and the historic city center. Beautiful old buildings fall into the lens.
Perugia, Italy 10.03.22
View of the city square and the town hall. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcam broadcasts a panoramic view of the small town of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina in real time. The broadcast gives you the opportunity to enjoy the medieval fortress and its surrounding vegetation. The territory, given its hilly position, is mainly covered with forests and wide pastures. You can walk along the ecological paths on foot, on horseback and on mountain bikes at any time of the year.
Perugia, Italy 08.03.22
Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcams broadcast a view of the main street of the city of Corso Vanucci in real time. It got its name in honor of the artist Pietoa Vannucci, known under the pseudonym Il Perugino. Important palaces are located on this street. For example, the Palazzo de Priori, decorated with frescoes by the master Perugino.
Perugia, Italy 05.03.22
Corso Vannucci. Webcams Perugia
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The Perugia webcam broadcasts a view of Piazza del Popolo in real time. The broadcast allows you to see the ancient architecture and cafes located near the buildings. This square is located in the town of Todi. It is located on top of a hill, so walking along the winding cobbled streets is an incredible pleasure.
Perugia, Italy 03.03.22
View of Piazza del Popolo. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcam broadcasts a view of Santa Maria della Consolasione in real time. The lens captures the façade of the pilgrimage church of Santa Maria della Consoliatione. It is located in the small town of Todi. It is located south of Perugia on a hill between two peaks. The central square of this city is one of the most beautiful in Umbria.
Perugia, Italy 27.02.22
Todi - Santa Maria della Consolasione. Webcams Perugia
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