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Watch Perugia webcams online - picturesque cities of Italy

Perugia webcams, which you can watch online on this page, will allow you to take a fascinating walk through the cozy streets and beautiful natural locations of this town.
Perugia is able to surprise many with its sights. These are stunning ancient temples, and fascinating museums, and unsurpassed corners of nature. It has its own chocolate factory, as well as stunningly beautiful squares and palaces.

It is worth starting your acquaintance with the architecture of Perugia from the Cathedral, which is one of several unfinished buildings in Italy.

The temple began to be built in the 16th century. Its notable feature is that its main façade does not overlook the square to which it adjoins. The fact is that the front wall remained unfinished. Moreover, the interior of the building is fully completed and even richly decorated.
The interior of the Perugia Cathedral is adorned with a marvelous fresco that adorns the high ceiling supported by marble columns. Several chapels adjoin the church, one of which contains the tomb of Pope Martin IV. There are also several cult artifacts that belonged to Pope Innocent III and Urban IV. In addition, within the walls of the cathedral, there is a Museum exposition, which, when viewed, you can get acquainted with the unique religious treasures.

The main square of Perugia, whose webcam can be viewed online on this page, is named after November 4th.

It is located in the heart of the city and is bordered by many unique buildings, as well as the ancient Fountain Maggiore, palaces and other attractions.
The center of the location is decorated with a charming fountain decorated with several statues. The water in it flows out of the central bronze bowl and spreads over the lower tiers. This place is loved not only by guests of the city, but also by local residents.
Another iconic place is the Palazzo de Priori, which was built in a stunning Gothic style and impresses many with its scale. The building has been an important political object of Perugia for more than 7 centuries. In front of it is a huge staircase in the shape of a circle with many arched windows, richly decorated with carvings and ornaments. The top of the building is crowned with battlements, giving it the features of an old fairy-tale castle.

The interior of the palace is not inferior to the exterior with its generous decor, with a large number of bright frescoes on the theme of biblical scenes.

The Oratory of San Bernardino, which adjoins the church of St. Francesco, has a unique appearance. The highlight of this stunning architectural monument is the facade, generously decorated with reliefs, ornaments, stone carvings, and sculptures. The facility is located in the east of the historical center, within walking distance from the 4th of November Square.
When creating an amazing facade, colored marble was used. The oratory is considered a valuable example of Renaissance architecture not only in the city, but throughout the region. Along with viewing its unique facade, you should definitely get inside. There you can see many paintings, as well as stunning gold trim.
Another interesting cult object of Perugia is the Church of St. Peter. It is located on the territory of an ancient monastery complex, which was founded in the 11th century. For a long time the temple was a symbolic place among the rulers of the city. The monastery is located a little south of the center of Perugia. On its territory you can see the old bell tower, as well as an interesting patio, decorated with a fountain.
The church itself houses a large collection of works of art, including a colored fresco of St. George throwing a snake, as well as other examples of Renaissance painting. The decor, which was generously endowed with walls, ceilings and endless arches, is also amazing.

You can learn more about the history of the city by visiting the Archaeological Museum, which borders Piazza Giordano Bruno.

Its expositions are placed in the old monastery of St. Dominic and acquaint visitors with unique artifacts, from ancient times to the present.
Among the most valuable exhibits, it is worth noting Neolithic ceramics, Bronze Age carvings, weapons, manuscripts and cult objects from the Roman period. There is also an ancient Etruscan tomb found in the vicinity of Perugia.
If you can’t visit Italy yet, Perugia webcams, which you can watch online in real time, will introduce the user to the amazing expanses of this ancient and colorful city.
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Webcam Perugia is located on the city square. Live broadcast allows you to see the local town hall and the historic city center. Beautiful old buildings fall into the lens.
Perugia, Italy 10.03.22
View of the city square and the town hall. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcam broadcasts a panoramic view of the small town of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina in real time. The broadcast gives you the opportunity to enjoy the medieval fortress and its surrounding vegetation. The territory, given its hilly position, is mainly covered with forests and wide pastures. You can walk along the ecological paths on foot, on horseback and on mountain bikes at any time of the year.
Perugia, Italy 08.03.22
Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcams broadcast a view of the main street of the city of Corso Vanucci in real time. It got its name in honor of the artist Pietoa Vannucci, known under the pseudonym Il Perugino. Important palaces are located on this street. For example, the Palazzo de Priori, decorated with frescoes by the master Perugino.
Perugia, Italy 05.03.22
Corso Vannucci. Webcams Perugia
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The Perugia webcam broadcasts a view of Piazza del Popolo in real time. The broadcast allows you to see the ancient architecture and cafes located near the buildings. This square is located in the town of Todi. It is located on top of a hill, so walking along the winding cobbled streets is an incredible pleasure.
Perugia, Italy 03.03.22
View of Piazza del Popolo. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcam in real time shows a view of the port of Passignano sul Trasimeno. A pier with many yachts and boats enters the lens. This is a very small town located near Lake Trasimeno.
Perugia, Italy 01.03.22
Passignano sul Trasimeno. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcam broadcasts a view of Santa Maria della Consolasione in real time. The lens captures the façade of the pilgrimage church of Santa Maria della Consoliatione. It is located in the small town of Todi. It is located south of Perugia on a hill between two peaks. The central square of this city is one of the most beautiful in Umbria.
Perugia, Italy 27.02.22
Todi - Santa Maria della Consolasione. Webcams Perugia
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