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Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. Webcams Perugia


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The Perugia webcam broadcasts a panoramic view of the small town of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina in real time.

The broadcast gives you the opportunity to enjoy the medieval fortress and its surrounding vegetation. The territory, given its hilly position, is mainly covered with forests and wide pastures. You can walk along the ecological paths on foot, on horseback and on mountain bikes at any time of the year.

Perugia, whose webcams are available on the site, is an interesting place to travel.

Here you can find exciting excursions, both within the city and in the surrounding area. One of these attractions is the Palais des Bourbons in Monte Santa Maria.
The marquises of Monte Santa Maria, who added the name Bourbon to their title of nobility in the 16th century, are one of the oldest families in Central Italy. They are the descendants of those "marquises" who, starting from the 10th century. ruled most of the Upper Tiber valley through fortresses and castles built at various strategic points in the territory.

There are many archival materials about the history of the Monte Santa Maria Bourbon family and the events of the Marquisate, which greatly expands knowledge and research on the history of the Upper Tiber and Perugia valleys, webcams allow you to enjoy the beauty of this area online.

Often referred to as the castle or Palazzo Marchionale, the palace was built on the foundations of a pre-existing castle between 1564 and 1614. In 1894, a descendant of the owners sold the palace and all the property in Monte Santa Maria to the family of the Marquis Capranica del Grillo. From that moment on, the building began to fall into disrepair, and in 1944 it was badly damaged during the bombing.
In 1990, the municipality bought the building in order to save it and make it a symbol of the thousand-year history of the place. Now there is a museum here. On the first floor of the building there is an exhibition “The history of the territory from its origins to the Marquisate of the Bourbons Monte-S. Maria". It was conceived to revive an important chapter in the history of the territory, as well as to raise awareness of the art, architecture, traditions of the marquess and the family of the marquis.
The floor is divided into 3 rooms. The first room contains the archaeological section with finds found in the area. Artifacts cover the time period between the Neolithic and the 8th century. The second room is dedicated to the history of the family of the Marquis of Bourbon del Monte. In the hall there are several copies of ancient maps of the Marquisate and a panel dedicated to the imperial estates of Central Italy. In the third you can see, which illustrates the most important stages in the history of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina and the Palazzo Bourbon del Monte.

Perugia, whose webcams allow you to walk around the city in real time, is a great place for a memorable trip.

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Webcam Perugia is located on the city square. Live broadcast allows you to see the local town hall and the historic city center. Beautiful old buildings fall into the lens.
Perugia, Italy 10.03.22
View of the city square and the town hall. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcams broadcast a view of the main street of the city of Corso Vanucci in real time. It got its name in honor of the artist Pietoa Vannucci, known under the pseudonym Il Perugino. Important palaces are located on this street. For example, the Palazzo de Priori, decorated with frescoes by the master Perugino.
Perugia, Italy 05.03.22
Corso Vannucci. Webcams Perugia
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The Perugia webcam broadcasts a view of Piazza del Popolo in real time. The broadcast allows you to see the ancient architecture and cafes located near the buildings. This square is located in the town of Todi. It is located on top of a hill, so walking along the winding cobbled streets is an incredible pleasure.
Perugia, Italy 03.03.22
View of Piazza del Popolo. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcam in real time shows a view of the port of Passignano sul Trasimeno. A pier with many yachts and boats enters the lens. This is a very small town located near Lake Trasimeno.
Perugia, Italy 01.03.22
Passignano sul Trasimeno. Webcams Perugia
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Perugia webcam broadcasts a view of Santa Maria della Consolasione in real time. The lens captures the façade of the pilgrimage church of Santa Maria della Consoliatione. It is located in the small town of Todi. It is located south of Perugia on a hill between two peaks. The central square of this city is one of the most beautiful in Umbria.
Perugia, Italy 27.02.22
Todi - Santa Maria della Consolasione. Webcams Perugia
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