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Webcams Genoa online - coast of the Gulf of Genoa

Genoa is an ancient Italian city located on the coast of the Genoa Bay. This city is chosen by fans of yachting, as well as fans of Italian football. If it is not yet possible to go to Italy, Genoa webcams, which you can watch online on this site, will help you make an exciting online journey.

The main and largest square of Genoa is called Ferrari

It is located on the border between the historic heart of the city and its modern quarters. The square bears the name of the duke and patron of the arts, Raffael de Ferrari, who made a great financial contribution to the development of the Genoese port. The square complex is decorated with a large round fountain, and a large number of interesting sights are located next to the spacious, landscaped territory.
For example, at Ferrari Square you can see the Doge's Palace, which today is a cultural center. Nearby, there is an old neoclassical opera house named after the mayor of the city, Carlo Felice. The building of the oldest stock exchange in the country is also located here.

You can find out more about the life of Genoa a century ago by going on an excursion to the Royal Museum of Palazzo Reale, which was built by representatives of the local aristocracy.

This is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, built in the Baroque style. Delight is caused not only by the facades of the building, but also by its magnificently decorated interiors. The collection of works of art is of particular value.
Many visitors to the museum think that the Palazzo Reale was intended for representatives of the royal family, but in fact, it originally belonged to the local family Balbi, who lived in Genoa in the 17th century. The palace was later sold to another wealthy Durazzo family.

The Palazzo began to be called the Royal Palace only in the 19th century, when representatives of the ruling Savoy family began to own it.

Today, within the walls of the museum, you can find unique collections of antique furniture, decorative items, frescoes, stucco moldings, dishes, paintings. Among the most valuable exhibits are works by Tintoretto and Van Dyck.
For those who want to visit the bottom of the ocean and at the same time stay dry, Genoa has a unique opportunity to visit a stunning aquarium. Visitors, entering the halls where the walls, floor and ceiling are like a continuous aquarium, can enjoy a journey along the seabed and observe the amazing inhabitants of the underwater depths.
The institution is located in the old city port. Since the 90s of the last century, the area near the port has undergone major reconstruction and modernization, making it more attractive for tourists. The aquarium also became part of the beautification plan.
In total, the aquarium has 70 tanks, with a total capacity of 1.6 million gallons of water. It is home to 12 thousand species of representatives of the underwater fauna.

Genoa's aquarium has become the only one in all of Europe, where rare species of Antarctica fish are kept

The department for marine mammals is especially delightful for visitors.
The Galata Maritime Museum continues the theme of the sea. It is a four-story building where you can see amazing exhibits related to sailing ships and sea travel. There is also a hall, the exposition of which tells about the life and travels of the famous navigator from Genoa - Christopher Columbus.

The collections of the Galata Museum are located in the oldest building in Darsen, the old port area

In addition to 28 rooms with a variety of exhibitions, the Museum includes an observation deck, as well as an underwater submarine installed on an eternal pier, in which, if you wish, you can also walk or take pictures.
One of the most picturesque views of the ancient seaside city of Genoa opens from the Corso Promenade. It stretches along the Mediterranean coast for 2.4 km and is a well-maintained paved artery where you can walk, play sports, and sunbathe, going down to the beaches that meet during the promenade.
The promenade runs between the Foce area and the old fishing village of Boccadasse. Travelers strolling along the waterfront can look into numerous restaurants and beach clubs, as well as some of the city's most outstanding landmarks. These include the Church of St. Pietro, the Abbey of St. Giuliano, and several Art Deco houses.
If you do not plan to visit Italy yet, you can enjoy an online walk in real time if you watch Genoa webcams online on this site.
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Camera overlooking Golfo Paradiso (Genoa, Italy). The lens is aimed at the sea area with capes adjoining in the background. Part of the rocky shore is visible in the lower corner. The broadcast is transmitted in real time. Therefore, anyone can make an exciting virtual journey from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
Genoa, Italy 12.04.22
Golfo Paradiso. Webcams Genoa
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The camera is located off the coast of the Genoese village of Bogliasco (Italy). The review covers the picturesque coast with picturesque houses and open spaces of the sea. The broadcast is in real time.
Genoa, Italy 10.04.22
Bogliasco village. Webcams Genoa
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The Genoa webcam broadcasts a view of Punta Chiappa online. This place is located in the commune of Camogli, which is an old fishing village. The town is quiet, but interesting in terms of history. The first settlements here appeared in the period of the Roman Empire.
Genoa, Italy 10.03.22
Punta Chiappa. Webcams Genoa
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The camera is located in Genoa (Italy) overlooking Sant Eusebio. The lens captures a picturesque hill, as well as houses and trees located at its foot. The broadcast is in real time. Therefore, you can watch the weather and the situation from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.
Genoa, Italy 09.03.22
Sant Eusebio. Webcams Genoa
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The Genoa webcam broadcasts in real time a view of Varenna Torrent, which monitors hydrogeological risks. A mountain river and green trees fall into the camera lens. Online you can enjoy the picturesque nature.
Genoa, Italy 09.03.22
Varenna Torrent. Webcams Genoa
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Genoa webcam broadcasts a view of the Gulf of Paraggi in real time. It is located in the small fishing town of Portofino. It is believed that many dolphins live in the water area. In addition, the filming of the famous film "The Taming of the Shrew" took place in this place. This is a favorite vacation spot for celebrities and rich people.
Genoa, Italy 08.03.22
Paradzhi. Webcams Genoa
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The Genoa webcam broadcasts a view of the Sturla beach in real time. The Ligurian Sea and the sandy shore fall into the camera lens. This is a developed area of the city, where many cafes and hotels are located. In addition, it is easy to get here from the city center by public transport.
Genoa, Italy 07.03.22
Sturla beach. Webcams Genoa
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The Genoa webcam broadcasts in real time a view of the marina of a popular holiday destination in Liguria. This is the commune of Santa Margherita Ligure, which is surrounded by hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation. There are villas and gardens overlooking the so-called Costa dei Delfini, which unites the city with Portofino.
Genoa, Italy 05.03.22
Santa Margherita Ligure. Webcams Genoa
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Genoa webcam broadcasts a breathtaking view of the bay in real time. Real-time broadcasting allows you to enjoy the surrounding beauty: architecture, water surface, green hills.
Genoa, Italy 05.03.22
Sestri Levante. Webcams Genoa
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Camera overlooking the commune of Cogoleto, located in the Liguria region of the province of Genoa (Italy). The area of the commune is about 20 km2. In real time, you can watch the scenic traffic on the highway, high-rise buildings, as well as the endless expanses of the sea behind.
Genoa, Italy 04.03.22
Cogoleto. Webcams Genoa
69 0
Camera overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio in Genoa (Liguria, Italy). The lens captures a picturesque view of the sea, which you can admire in real time from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
Genoa, Italy 03.03.22
Santa Margherita Ligure, Gulf of Tigullio. Webcams Genoa
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The Genoa webcam broadcasts a view of the ancient village and Vernazzolla beach in real time. These places are located on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. The broadcast allows you to view the landscape of the place and enjoy the bewitching sea.
Genoa, Italy 03.03.22
Vernazzola. Webcams Genoa
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Panoramic view of Genoa (Italy). The lens captures a bird's eye view of the city. The Nuova Oregina S.r.l. stadium, a hotel, and several other significant objects are located in this place. The broadcast takes place in real time.
Genoa, Italy 28.02.22
Oregina (review). Webcams Genoa
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View of the beach and port area of Recco in Genoa (Italy). The lens captures a colorful view of the marina, with a lighthouse and boats moored off the coast, as well as an incredible seascape that can be seen without even leaving your own home or office. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Genoa, Italy 25.02.22
Recco Beach. Webcams Genoa
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Camera overlooking the embankment in Camogli (Italy). The overview covers the embankment of the town, adjacent to the ancient Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta. Town buildings are visible in the background. On the left - a cozy bay and the sea. The view acquires special splendor in the dark under the light of night lights. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Genoa, Italy 21.10.21
Embankment and Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta. Camogli webcams online
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