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Table tennis academy. Camera 2. Berdsk webcams


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Berdsk webcam broadcasts live from the Table Tennis Academy.

A room with a tennis table falls into the lens. Therefore, anyone can watch how training or competitions in this sport take place.

Webcams of Berdsk, which this site offers to watch online, offer a panorama of a small industrial town, often mistakenly considered one of the districts of Novosibirsk.

The age of Berdsk is three times greater, although the rural settlement began to be called a city only in 1944. During the Great Patriotic War, Berdsk was badly damaged, but its convenient location on federal transport routes allowed the economy to quickly recover.
Already in 1946, the well-known Vega radio factory began operating, supplying the entire Soviet Union with radio receivers. Today, the work of several large enterprises is organized in Berdsk, and most of the population works for them. In addition, new personnel are constantly arriving in the city, large-scale housing construction is underway, and infrastructure is being developed.
JSC SibBioPharm, the largest domestic biotechnological production facility, supplies agriculture, food industry enterprises and health care with environmentally friendly products. Close cooperation with the Institute of MedBiotechnology ensures the high quality and demand for the plant's products not only in Russia but also abroad.

If you watch online webcams of Berdsk, you can see another significant enterprise located in the city.

This is an electromechanical plant that is engaged in space instrumentation and the production of precision mechanics and electronics tools. Work at this enterprise of all-Russian significance, which is part of the Federal Space Agency, is considered very responsible and prestigious. For this reason, new specialists constantly arrive in Berdsk for permanent residence.
In addition to these well-known industrial centers throughout the country, about a dozen food and light industry enterprises operate in the city, and pharmacology is also developed. They are located for the most part on the outskirts of Berdsk, and do not disturb the overall picture of a developed province - this is the impression the town makes. It is divided into districts, the most developed of which are the Center and Microdistrict. The city's economy, educational institutions, and centers of mass leisure are concentrated here.

If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the city yet, Berdsk webcams, which you can watch online from anywhere, invite you to a virtual tour.

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The webcam is located in Berdsk, in one of the city's sports complexes. The lens hits the tennis hall of the Table Tennis Academy. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can watch training or competitions in this sport.
Berdsk, Russia 04.02.23
Table tennis academy. Camera 1. Berdsk webcams
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The Berdsk webcam transmits a broadcast from the Winter-Summer sports complex with sound. The lens captures the ice arena, where you can watch the competitions and training of athletes in various sports on ice in real time.
Berdsk, Russia 03.02.23
Crossroads of Friendship and Nakhimov. Sterlitamak webcams online in real time
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The Berdsk webcam with sound broadcasts from the Arena-300 sports club. The lens is aimed at the ice field. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can watch free skating, professional sports training and competitions.
Berdsk, Russia 21.01.23
Arena 300 Sports Club (ice field). Berdsk webcams
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The Berdsk webcam is located in the Coral Sports Center. The lens is aimed at the swimming pool bowl. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can watch the progress of training and competitions in swimming, water gymnastics.
Berdsk, Russia 18.01.23
Coral pool. Berdsk webcams
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The camera with sound is located in the Vega Sports Complex in the city of Berdsk. The lens has a wide viewing angle, covers the entire sports hall, as well as the stands. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can attend competitions in various sports, as well as watch the preparation of athletes.
Berdsk, Russia 15.09.22
Sports complex Vega. game room. Webcams Berdsk
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The camera with sound is located in the hall of the Winter-Summer sports complex in Berdsk. There are trainings and competitions in various types of martial arts. The lens covers the area well, so anyone can visit the competition or watch the training of athletes in real time.
Berdsk, Russia 09.09.22
Hall (wrestling) SC Winter-Summer. Webcams Berdsk
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The device is installed in the kitchen of the Dodo Pizza catering establishment in Berdsk. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can observe the process of making orders, control the quality of work of employees.
Berdsk, Russia 04.09.22
Dodo pizza, st. Lenin, 90. Webcams Berdsk
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A camera with sound is broadcasting from the Kristall sports club in Berdsk. In the hall where the device is installed, there is a large sports pool. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can watch the training and competition of athletes.
Berdsk, Russia 28.08.22
Swimming pool SK Crystal. Webcams Berdsk
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A camera with sound is installed in the sports hall of the sports complex "Alexandrite" in Berdsk. Trainings are held here, as well as competitions in various sports. Thanks to the broadcast, you can watch what is happening in real time.
Berdsk, Russia 22.08.22
Sports complex Crystal. Alexandrite Hall. Webcams Berdsk
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