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Stuttgart's online webcams are the birthplace of Porsche and Mercedes

Stuttgart was founded in the 10th century by the Swabian Duke of Ludolph. Initially, it was home to skilled horse breeders. Today it is one of the largest industrial and cultural centers, which is the sixth largest in the country in terms of population. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this city, where at different times lived such outstanding personalities as Hegel, Gauf, Bosch, will help the webcams of Stuttgart. You can watch them online directly from your own home or office in real time.
Stuttgart is conveniently located in relation to the settlements, where there are the most outstanding attractions in the country. For example, a 60-minute bus ride away is Ludwigsburg, home to Germany's largest palace, the Ludwigsburg Residence. The building is built in the Baroque style and is a former hunting castle of Duke Ludwig Wurttemberg. The creation of this masterpiece, with several hundred halls and luxurious finishes, worked on the outstanding architects - Friedrich Nette and Giuseppe Frizoni. In the people, this object is called "Swabian Versailles." Today, it has an exhibition of unique ceramics and porcelain products, as well as an exhibition of sculpture and paintings by famous European artists.
The area around the castle is an English garden, home to real deer, who are not averse to chatting with the guests of the residence.
A little further away, a 90-minute drive from Stuttgart is the city of Heidelberg, which is surrounded by three hills and permeated by the Nekkar River with a lush green coastal area. On the streets of this town, founded in the distant 13th century, to this day preserved colorful houses with tiled roofs, which miraculously escaped destruction during the last world war.
Heidelberg is believed to be a place of concentration of the best minds in the country. At different periods of history, such outstanding personalities as Goethe, Mandelstam, Mark Twain studied and worked here. From here you can also go to the nearby towns of Baden Baden and Dortmund. In the first you can see the famous baths of Karakalli, the ancient margrave castle, stunning art galleries, the Faberge Museum, as well as the Dostoevsky Museum and even the Orthodox Church. Going to Dortmund you can arrange a photo shoot in the Old Square or in Romberg Park, attend a football match at the country's largest stadium, feed the birds and animals in the zoo, and admire the surroundings from the Florianturm observation deck.
For those who prefer not just to watch Stuttgart webcams online, but also to go to Germany in person, it is a great opportunity to learn the history of the legendary Mercedes-Benz car industry. In the modern building, built in a futuristic style, you can see the very first models of cars of this brand, as well as the famous Kaiser limousines, racing cars, fire and postal cars.
The monastic Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sttiftskirche, which was built in the Romanesque style of the 11th and 11th century, with its strict lines, has a unique and even mysterious atmosphere. Within the walls of the temple there is a tombstone of the Duke of Wurttemberg Ulrich I, on the initiative of which this building was erected, as well as tombs of Margraves, decorated with sculptures and ancient paintings. The highlight of the interior is a stone cross, more than 6 m high, as well as a giant organ, which is more than 4 centuries old.
Those interested in science should definitely go to the Linden Museum, the head of the Society of Geography, Trade and Foreign Interests in Germany. More than 6,000 people are kept within the walls of the institution. ancient artifacts on the topic of ethnography of Asian, Latin American and Muslim peoples.
The natural history museum is amazing outside and inside. Its first exhibits were collections of 16th century kunstkamera. Today the exhibition is located in two branches. One contains fossilized Jurassic remains, dinosaur bones, prehistoric plants and animals. The second exhibits collections dedicated to the various stages of life development on our planet, several tens of thousands of stuffed fish, as well as shellfish and insects. It also houses Europe's largest collection of herbariums.
The former royal residence, or New Palace, which was almost leveled during the Second World War, has unimaginable proportions. The building was restored in the 60s of the last century and today various ministries sit here. Next to the huge building are sculptural images of deer and lion - long-standing symbols of the city.
The longest pedestrian street is not only in Stuttgart, but in the whole of Europe is Koenigstrasse. There are expensive boutiques, small shops, restaurants, pubs, cozy cafes for 2-3 tables. For pedestrians there are various events, concerts. And if you want to see other streets of the city without leaving the house, you can watch the web cameras of Stuttgart online on this page.
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The web camera broadcasts Wilhelm online - Eclectic palace complex and zoo-botanical garden in Bad Canshtat, Stuttgart district, Germany. It is perhaps one of the most popular zoological parks and gardens in the country.
Stuttgart, Germany 29.07.20
Wilhelm. Stuttgart webcams online
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Live broadcast from the building of the airport terminal in Stuttgart. Formerly known as Stuttgart-Echterdingen, the international airport of the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is the sixth busiest in Germany and serves as an important hub for Germanwings. Modern terminals were opened in 2004.
Stuttgart, Germany 29.07.20
Stuttgart Airport webcam online
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Live broadcast from Stuttgart TV Tower. The Stuttgart television tower, 216 and a half metres high, was commissioned in 1955. It is the world's first concrete TV tower. In the future, it served as an example for other similar buildings.
Stuttgart, Germany 29.07.20
Stuttgart TV Tower. Stuttgart webcams online
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The webcam online broadcasts a panoramic view of the city from the Stuttgart TV tower. One of the symbols of the German city of Stuttgart is the Stuttgart TV Tower - a TV and radio tower. In addition to performing its direct functions, the Stuttgart TV Tower is the tallest building in the city.
Stuttgart, Germany 29.07.20
The TV tower. Stuttgart webcams online
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The webcam broadcasts Stuttgart International Airport online in Germany. Stuttgart International Airport is the main airport in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. The airport is located on the border between the cities of Linefelden-Echterdingen, Filderstadt and Stuttgart. It was built in 1939.
Stuttgart, Germany 29.07.20
Airport. Stuttgart webcams online
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The webcam broadcasts live in real time the flight field of Stuttgart International Airport in Germany. Located 13 km south of Stuttgart and the sixth busiest in Germany, the passenger flow here is about 10 million people a year.
Stuttgart, Germany 29.07.20
Airport, flight field. Stuttgart webcams online
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The web camera broadcasts the main railway station in Stuttgart, Germany, with 16 tracks and a capacity of 300,000 passengers per day. Station Stuttgart Hbf is considered one of the largest in Germany.
Stuttgart, Germany 29.07.20
Main train station. Stuttgart webcams online
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