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The highlight of the resort village of Ordzhonikidze is, of course, its nature. The settlement is spread between the two picturesque bays Provato and Dvuyakornaya, which abound with stunning capes and other natural corners. Due to its geographical position, the sea is protected from severe storms. That is why both adults and children can relax comfortably on local beaches.
The territory of the village faces the two bays mentioned above. They are separated by a thin isthmus called Cape Kiik-Atlama. The small island of Ivan Baba is located near it. Looking at this piece of land from a bird's eye view, one can understand that this is a fragment of the coast that ended up in the sea many years ago.
Picturesque panoramas, clean air and spacious beaches of Ordzhonikidze will make your vacation in this resort pleasant and varied. This format of pastime is suitable for lovers of nature, calm contemplation of miraculous beauties.
Hunters for beautiful views and photographs are advised to go to Dvuyakornaya Bay, from where a stunning view of Feodosia opens up. The formidable massif of the extinct volcano Koktebel is clearly visible from the side of Provato. These views acquire special splendor in the hours before sunset, as well as in the light of artificial lighting.
Among the main values ​​of the Ordzhonikidze village are its beaches. Due to the relative remoteness from industrial facilities and large roads, an excellent ecological situation remains here. Clean water, gentle coastline, healthy air - what else is needed for a comfortable and healthy stay?

Ordzhonikidze has a wide variety of beaches

The central sandy beach is parallel to the Ordzhonikidze Embankment. The location has a well-developed infrastructure - entertainment centers, cafes, restaurants, changing cabins, water attractions.
Most of the beaches have a pebble shore. Each of them allows you to comfortably settle down even in high season. Ordzhonikidze has many places for wild recreation, far from civilization and large crowds of tourists.
Stone beaches can be found behind "Krasnyachka", if you walk towards the dacha complex. And the real extreme will be "Kozya Bay". Here you can jump off the cliffs, enjoy the spectacular views, go fishing or diving.
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The camera is positioned near the Dvuyakornaya bay in the village of Ordzhonikidze (urban district of Feodosia, Crimea). From the perspective of the camera - Cape Ilya. The lens captures a wide coastline, misty hills in the background, as well as the open sea. Here you can see the buildings of tourist facilities.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 14.10.21
Dvuyakornaya Bay, Cape Ilya. Ordzhonikidze webcams
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Webcam with a view of Ivan Baba Island, washed by the waters of Dvuyakornaya Bay in the village of Ordzhonikidze (urban district of Feodosia, Crimea). The lens captures a picturesque panorama of the sea, with misty hills visible in the distance. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 14.10.21
Dvuyakornaya bay, Ivan Baba island. Ordzhonikidze webcams
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The camera broadcasts a view of the town of Vasyukovka in Ordzhonikidze (urban district of Feodosia, Crimea). The beach of the same name is located at the foot of the mountain. The lens captures the coastline, the Black Sea, as well as a high cape. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 09.10.21
View of Vasyukovka. Webcams Ordzhonikidze online
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Camera with a view of the Provato Bay in Ordzhonikidze (urban district of Feodosia, Crimea). The lens captures a picturesque view of the local embankment, sea bay, mountains. The name of the bay has a Genoese name. This is how the port, located on the territory of the modern village, was called in the Middle Ages. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 09.10.21
View of the Provato bay. Ordzhonikidze webcams
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The village of Ordzhonikidze, though small, population of about 2000, tourists will find here many interesting things.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 11.12.16
The Central beach of Ordzhonikidze web camera online
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