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Dvuyakornaya bay, Ivan Baba island. Ordzhonikidze webcams


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Dvuyakornaya bay, Ivan Baba island. Ordzhonikidze webcams

The surroundings of Ordzhonikidze are rich in stunning corners of nature, picturesque panoramas of bays, capes and mountains.
An interesting place is Ivan Baba Island, located at Cape Kiyak-Atlama. It was formed as a result of an earthquake in ancient times. In the Middle Ages, the location was called St. John's Island. This was the name of the temple built by sailors who survived the shipwreck. Only the remains of the temple walls have survived to this day.
This place is also notable for the fact that on the seabed, there is an old steamer "Constantine", which was wrecked at the end of the 19th century due to heavy fog. There are no people on the island, but a huge population of cormorants lives. You can only get here by boat or boat.
Cape Kiik-Atlama itself, whose name is translated from the Crimean Tatar as "wild goat's jump" is located between the two bays surrounding Ordzhonikidze. During the reign of the Bolsheviks, the Gidropribor plant was located on the cape, where torpedoes and other underwater shells were produced and tested. The sites of an ancient man dating back to the Stone Age were also found here.
The Klimentiev ridge with the main peak of the same name is very popular. It is named after the hang glider who crashed in these places. The mountain is 268 meters above sea level. The ridge is about 8 km long. It is important to take into account that strong winds are raging on the hills, which can become an obstacle to calm contemplation of the local beauties and even carry danger.
Competitions in various extreme sports are held annually on Mount Klimentiev. There is also a flying school for delta and paragliding, where everyone can master this dangerous but wonderful sport.
There is a 7-meter memorial stele on Klimentiev Mountain, which is crowned with a model of the A-13 paraglider, as if balancing on strong wind currents.
Among the oldest buildings in the vicinity of Ordzhonikidze is an ancient Greek Orthodox church. This is the oldest building of this kind in the entire North Caucasus. It has a 1.5-century history. Old frescoes have been preserved inside the stone structure. The paintings of the walls of the western part of the temple and around the altar have survived to the greatest preservation.
According to some reports, the author of the painting was the teacher of Andrei Rublev himself - Theophanes the Greek, who is a native of Byzantium. Guided tours are held in the temple. And guests are offered to taste natural honey, which is extracted in the apiary nearby.
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The camera is positioned near the Dvuyakornaya bay in the village of Ordzhonikidze (urban district of Feodosia, Crimea). From the perspective of the camera - Cape Ilya. The lens captures a wide coastline, misty hills in the background, as well as the open sea. Here you can see the buildings of tourist facilities.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 14.10.21
Dvuyakornaya Bay, Cape Ilya. Ordzhonikidze webcams
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The webcam is positioned in the urban-type settlement Ordzhonikidze, belonging to the urban district of Feodosia (Crimea). The view covers the picturesque waters of the Black Sea, a wide bay, indented with small capes. On the right you can see the Ordzhonikidze embankment. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 10.10.21
Cape view. Ordzhonikidze webcams
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The camera broadcasts a view of the town of Vasyukovka in Ordzhonikidze (urban district of Feodosia, Crimea). The beach of the same name is located at the foot of the mountain. The lens captures the coastline, the Black Sea, as well as a high cape. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 09.10.21
View of Vasyukovka. Webcams Ordzhonikidze online
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Camera with a view of the Provato Bay in Ordzhonikidze (urban district of Feodosia, Crimea). The lens captures a picturesque view of the local embankment, sea bay, mountains. The name of the bay has a Genoese name. This is how the port, located on the territory of the modern village, was called in the Middle Ages. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 09.10.21
View of the Provato bay. Ordzhonikidze webcams
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The village of Ordzhonikidze, though small, population of about 2000, tourists will find here many interesting things.
Ordzhonikidze, Crimea 11.12.16
The Central beach of Ordzhonikidze web camera online
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