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Theodosius web camera online. Panorama of the city


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A wonderful, ancientthe city of Feodosiyalore, as well as the works of art and literature – is situated on the South-Eastern coast of the Black sea inCrimea. With the language of Greeks who have long inhabited these lands, the name of the city translates as "God-given". And really – it's a real gift from heaven, delighting and inspiring generations. The majestic scenery and many unique attractions that make Theodosia a favorite place for recreation among the millions of tourists from all over the world. The history of the city dates back to the VI century BC. For my way, Theodosius changed many names and rulers. Someone called her Ardabda someone Kaffa, someone KEF, and even "Little Istanbul", but at all times, the city remained majestic, atmospheric venue, and played an important role in the lives of States and peoples inhabiting these lands and rapidly successive. In our time, Theodosius is an important centre of the Spa and cultural life of the Crimean Peninsula and throughout the country, who also plays the role of major transport and trade node. Here is one of the largest ports of the black sea. Urban settlement Feodosia includes many towns and villages. The most important sights of Feodosia state importance are the national art gallery of Aivazovsky, which has an extensive collection of great paintings by this outstanding Russian artist. Green Museum – created many amazing pieces. A monument of medieval architecture – the Genoese fortress. It should be noted that all of Theodosius can be considered as a real Museum under the open sky. Here is preserved a great number of centuries-old monuments of culture, architecture, art, religion. Ancient Orthodox and Catholic churches, mosques, countless museums, palaces, manors and ruins of the ancient fortifications, beautiful parks and unique nature reserves, fountains, monuments and of course wonderful beaches. Getting to Feodosiya – you never know what amazing place is waiting for you around the next bend. No wonder it liked to rest and spend time with such outstanding people as the Czechs, Golitsyn, Mandelstam, Tsvetaeva, and the Imperial family. In addition to the attractions, the city has a well developed tourist area. There is also a large variety of hotels and resorts, there are plenty of entertainment venues and food service establishments.
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Webcam located at the city's waterfront in Feodosia (Crimea). A characteristic feature of this place is the proximity of the railway crossing. The way to the promenade and beach is entirely safe, as the trains here are slow and with strict speed limits.
Feodosiya, Crimea 12.07.17
Web camera online at a railway crossing in Feodosiya
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Webcam installed over the railway crossing (waterfront access). On the right you can see part of the building of the art gallery of Aivazovsky left a nightclub Arcadia between St. Gallery.
Feodosiya, Crimea 08.10.16
Webcam in Feodosia "Railway crossing"
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Webcam is close to Alexander grin Museum in Feodosia (Crimea). The facade of the Museum is decorated with beautiful relief, depicting an old Brigantine. Here, the writer has created a large number of stunning works. On the square near the Museum is one of the city's many fountains.
Feodosiya, Crimea 29.01.16
Panels Brigantine and the fountain in Feodosia live
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The camera is located on the beach Pebbles, in the city of Feodosia. The city is one of the resort towns on the South coast. The city is one of the developed ports. In Feodosia some preserved monuments, Orthodox churches and mosques.
Feodosiya, Crimea 11.07.14
Beach Pebbles, Theodosius web camera online
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The camera is located on the waterfront of the city of Feodosia. Theodosius is one of the resort towns of the Crimean Peninsula. Small but fast developing town of Feodosiya, every year attracts tourists from different countries. The city is known for its beaches.
Feodosiya, Crimea 11.07.14
Feodosia embankment web Cam online
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Theodosius is one of the beautiful cities of the Crimean Peninsula, which is located on the shore of a wide Bay of Feodosiya. City Spa values, the city became in the early twentieth century, the entire city is located along the coast in the form of a Crescent, this is a very nice city for families.
Feodosiya, Crimea 08.04.14
The view of the Park and Feodosiya Bay in real time
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