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Beach "The Seagull". Webcam Adler online


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The Chaika beach is the most popular beach in Adler. See the webcam overlooking the promenade made for free made possible thanks to the pensions and resorts, who kindly give us all this opportunity.

Why do we recommend you to see the webcam under the title: "Adler web camera Chaika"? It's simple. In this resort town is the most visited beach called "Seagull". It is always warm and cozy. People are resting, sunbathing, swimming and enjoying life. At that time, as many of us sit at home or in the workplace — our compatriots relax on the beach. Watch web camera "Seagull" — is to get in touch with something positive, different from our everyday hustle and bustle. Sometimes I look and see someone is on the waterfront. So slowly, something thinking and dreaming. It is in these moments you understand, how I want to get to Adler on the famous beach of "Seagull".

The length of the waterfront of about one kilometer. To find this lovely place just. It is located close to the train station. Passing by the Central market, You are in the Park, a walk on which seem interesting, as there are a lot of plants and even has the local inhabitants: cats, dogs, and even squirrels.

Webcam Adler "the Seagull" in real-time allows also to make sure those who here is going to come to rest that the place is worth. Watch funny and lucky visitors to the waterfront. That they are resting peacefully and enjoying it. Another plus in favor of this beach is pebbles which are heated by the long day and cools at night. She, unlike sand, do not muddy the waters in the sea that is always clean and inviting.

"Seagull" is the Central beach in Adler. It is so called not because it is in the center of the city, and because he is the most popular. Not only among the tourists but also among the local population, which says a lot. Isn't it?

Directly in the beach area of "Chaika" is the Flamingo, which is considered the most popular. This is because it is located right on the waterfront. In addition, the hotel is not shy to show their territory in the online, real-time, so that future guests could ensure the high level of the hotel. This web camera is installed in the Flamingo hotel.

Do You know why the beach is called "The Seagull"? No — this is not the Soviet pattern. To the beach a lot of seagulls, which are not afraid of people, get really close, eat with your hands, you can even relax in Your sun lounger. In addition, if you look at the beach from a satellite, it resembles a bird in flight.

This southern city has many interesting places that we want to show You. We recommend you to navigate to a web camera, Adler and look at this warm city online in real time.
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Online web camera shows the pool of the Flamingo hotel in Adler, in real time. Flamingo is a modern hotel Adler, which is located in the center of the southern district of Sochi, near the seaside promenade, directly adjacent to an improved city beach "the Seagull"
Adler, Russia 06.04.19
The Flamingo Hotel. Webcam Adler online
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Online web camera shows the seafront in Adler, the hotel "Flamingo" in real time. The camera looks along the waterfront in a North-westerly direction. In the field of vision online camera get (left to right): the Black sea, pebble beach "the Seagull", the seaside promenade, the pool of the Flamingo hotel
Adler, Russia 06.04.19
Seaside promenade. Webcam Adler online
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This webcam offers a beautiful view of the beach shopping and entertainment center "Mandarin" in the resort town of Adler. The view turned to the concert hall "Mandarin Lounge", which is one of the largest and most beautiful buildings in similar areas around the Big Sochi. Can accommodate more than 1,100 spectators, and equipped with the most modern technical equipment and special effects.
Adler, Russia 29.09.15
Beach shopping center "Mandarin". Adler web camera online
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This web camera is located on the territory of the state enterprise Breeding trout plant "Adler", where divorce is a rare and precious breed trout. The farm is located in a picturesque area of the Mzymta, a mountain slopes covered with century-old trees and dotted with waterfalls. For tourists in Trout farm often hosts exciting tours.
Adler, Russia 29.09.15
Trout breeding plant "Adler" web camera online
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Webcam broadcasts on the shopping and entertainment center "Mandarin", which is located in Sochi Adler, and is a Mall under the open sky. Shopping center "Mandarin" is a favorite destination for shopping and entertainment among the local population and visitors. The view covers the territory of the center, with restaurants and shops, as well as the beaches of Adler, at the confluence of the river Mzymta in the Black sea.
Adler, Russia 29.09.15
Shopping and entertainment center "Mandarin" Adler web camera online
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The web camera shows the road interchange "Adler ring, at the junction of highway A-148, which allows you to get to the Sochi ski resorts, M-27, which connects Sochi with other parts of Russia. The interchange is located at the city outskirts, near one of the largest airports in the country.
Adler, Russia 29.09.15
Adler ring. Adler web camera online
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This web camera is located on building business-the centre "Vila", which is on the "Market ring" in the resort centre of Sochi – Adler. View covers vehicular traffic, the entrance to the Central part of the city, and one of the bridges over the river Mzymta, in the direction of the street of the Caspian from the street Lenin.
Adler, Russia 29.09.15
Market ring. Adler web camera online
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The webcam will provide a live broadcast from the crossroads of streets of Lenin and Kirov to Adler, which until the 60-ies of XX century was a working settlement, and now is an administrative center of the Sochi city district.
At the crossroads is a small square, the monument to the leader of the proletariat, a few shopping centers, post office and the Adler district administration.
Adler, Russia 29.09.15
The intersection of Lenin and Kirov. Adler web camera online
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