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Playa San Telmo. Webcams Puerto de la Cruz


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Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most popular resorts on the northern side of the island of Tenerife, where you can relax for every taste and budget. Unlike the bustling Las Americas, Puerto de la Cruz has its own noble appearance, stunning nature, an abundance of green vegetation and flowers, as well as peaceful tranquility.
In the old days, this city was the center of the island and the main resort. But with the development of the southern coast, the construction of large hotels and a new airport, the bulk of travelers moved to Las Americas and the neighboring resort towns.
Although the south of Tenerife offers warmer, calm weather and a swimming season all year round, northern Puerto de la Cruz offers unique opportunities for an active pastime. This format will be of interest to those who do not want to be limited to just lying on the beach with occasional movements to nearby nightclubs.
The North of Tenerife offers excellent conditions for surfing, food tourism, hiking and excursions.
In the south of the island, it is difficult to find catering establishments where guests are offered something more serious than standard burgers, pizza and other European cuisine. While Puerto de la Cruz can offer its guests delicious seafood, meat, vegetables, made in the best traditions of the island and Spanish cuisine. For example, near the picturesque Jardin Beach, there is a whole line of cafes with authentic interiors, excellent service and amazing specialties. The restaurants offer breathtaking views of the ocean and surfers scurrying along the waves. You don't get tired of enjoying this format of relaxation, and a meal accompanied by the sound of the surf will bring twice as much pleasure.
The climate of Puerto de la Cruz is suitable for those who do not tolerate heat. It is cooler in summer than on the south coast. Constant fresh air is provided by a high level of humidity. The same circumstance contributes to the rapid development of all kinds of exotic vegetation. Many vacationers in the south often move north to escape the heat.
The ocean in Puerto de la Cruz, in comparison with the obedient surface of the south, is a stormy element. Swimming in open waters can be unsafe. Therefore, many people prefer to enjoy water treatments in the artificial pools of Lago Martianez, which are filled with sea water.
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The camera overlooks the complex of artificial lakes Lago Martianez, located in the city of Puerto de La Cruz (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain). The overview opens up a breathtaking panorama of an exotic resort with large artificial lakes, sunbathing islands, tourist infrastructure that look harmoniously against the backdrop of wildlife.
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain 22.09.21
Lago Martianez complex. Webcams Puerto de la Cruz online
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The camera is positioned in the northern city of the Canary island of Tenerife - Puerto de La Cruz. The lens captures a scenic view of Jardin Beach, one of the resort's most popular beaches. Obzor reveals a beautiful bay surrounded by a sandy beach, behind which rises numerous hotels and other buildings. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain 21.09.21
Jardin Beach. Webcams Puerto de la Cruz
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The webcam is installed in the northern part of Tenerife, overlooking the resort town of Puerto de la Cruz (Spain). The lens covers the area at the fishing pier, where there is a beautiful beach, which is called the "beach at the pier". Various tourist objects and buildings fall into the lens. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain 20.09.21
Puerto de la Cruz. Fisherman's Wharf Beach
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The camera overlooks the Las Vistas beach, located on the island of Tenerife in the Canary archipelago (Spain). The lens captures a spacious coastline and a picturesque bay, with a wide strip of shallows where children love to frolic. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain 19.09.21
Las Vistas beach. Webcams Tenerife
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Playa de Los Cristianos webcam on the island of Tenerife (Spain). The overview encompasses a wide coastline adjoining an embankment with palm trees and flags. In the distance you can see the bay and numerous ships of the city port. The broadcast is conducted in real time, so anyone can immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of the Canary Islands.
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain 19.09.21
Playa de Los Cristianos. Webcams Arona online
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Webcam overlooking Playa de Troia in the resort of Los Américas (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain). The overview encompasses a spacious beach surrounded by palm trees and open-air cafes. There are sun loungers and armchairs on the clean sandy shore. A picturesque bay is visible in the background. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain 12.09.21
Playa de Troy. Webcams Las Americas online
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