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Lahdenpohy's webcams - watch online beauty of Ladoga Lake

Lahdenpohja webcams, which can be viewed online on this page, will allow you to enjoy the beauty of this city, which stretches off the shores of Ladoga Lake from any part of the world.
Lahdenpohya is a small provincial town abounding in Karelia. It is not distinguished by luxurious architectural monuments, but is of tourist value, thanks to its unique nature, rich history, and the opportunity to spend a full, relaxing holiday away from the bustle of large metropolises.
Most of Lahdenpohia's attractions have miraculous origins. The delightful nature of the Hallway is able to fascinate even the seasoned traveler. One of the unique natural objects of Lahdenpohya are the Lavozhsky schoters. These are rocky islets that peek out of the water mirror for many kilometers. Rocky sashes cover lichens, moss and trees. This miracle of nature will be a great background for photos, will give the opportunity to relax right at the water's edge, as well as get a rich catch. After all, the lake is home to a wide variety of fish that actively peck at different times of the year. Among the lake dwellers, trout is of particular value.
Ladoga National Park has about 650 shkers, on which you can organize a small tour, renting a boat at the city pier.
A stunning location for recreation and replenishment of knowledge about the history of this region, is the Military History Museum, which is located in a huge grotto formed in the rock of Huukkanmaki, which towers in the village of the same name. The name of the top translates as "mountain owl." During World War II, there was a military bunker used by the Finns. During the seizure of this territory by Soviet troops in 1944, rooms equipped with offices were found here, as well as a water tank for 50 liters. After the Victory, the grotto was transformed into a museum complex. Today there are exhibitions telling about the history of these lands, geological finds and the Russian-Finnish war. A separate collection includes weapons and military equipment from the 20th century. Everyone can go to the local shooting range to experience their accuracy.
You can also find out how this region lives if Lahdenpohy's webcams are viewed online. A detailed story about nature, historical facts and folk crafts of this area will be told by the Museum of Local History. For his collections, a building, which is a historical monument of the village of Kurkiki, was allocated. This is a one-story wooden building, erected at the end of the last century. At that time, the mansion was owned by Finnish biologist Veli Ryazysyanenu. He devoted his life to the study of lichens and created a catalogue describing 356 species of this species of flora, nicknamed the "King of Lichens." By the way, in his former mansion, which became a local history center, a separate exhibition is dedicated to lichens. Looking at the collection, you can learn about their medicinal properties and even methods of cooking medicinal dishes with this component.
In addition to the main exhibition, in the adjacent art space "Kurki" you can visit master classes. And especially for small explorers, there is an archaeological sandbox.
The architecture of Lahdenpohy is not distinguished by special delights. But on the streets of the city you can see several old buildings, which alternate with wooden barracks and typical Soviet high-rise buildings. Among the notable architectural objects is the Rauhal Manor, located in the village of the same name near the outskirts of the city. The large red-brick structure has features of the Art Nouveau style. In 1929, the facility became a public property, and then became a major supplier of agricultural products. Later the territory was converted into a sawmill, which still works.
Another manor house on the outskirts of Lahdenpohy once belonged to the factory owner Tuskkinen. The mansion is listed on the list of 20th century architectural monuments. It is built in a medieval style, reminding its prongs on the roof and laconic facades with arched windows a small fortress. To date, the building is abandoned, but protected by the state as a monument of regional importance.
Two buildings at the Yakkima railway station have an honorary age. This is the station building and the depot. The structures were designed and built by Finnish craftsmen. The first, after reconstruction by Finnish experts appears before the watcher, as 100 years ago, in the time of locomotives. To the depot, built of red brick, attached water tower, which has not been reconstructed for a long time and gradually collapses.
If you can't go to Karelia yet, but you want to see how people live in other regions, webcams Lahdenpohya, watch online that you can in real time, will help to enjoy the virtual journey.
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The web camera broadcasts live broadcasting online overlooking the intersection of Lenin-Busalov streets in the city of Lahdenpohya.  Lahdenpohya is a small district centre in Karelia. According to the results of archaeological excavations, people inhabited the region 2,000 years ago. And by 1323 these lands became part of the Novgorod Republic.
Lahdenpohya, Russia 18.02.21
Crossroads of Lenin - Busalova streets online
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The camera broadcasts a live broadcast overlooking the pedestrian crossing on the street in the city of Lahdenpohya. Lahdenpohya, a small town in Karelia, is the administrative center of the Lahdenpoh district. It is located on the Aura Yoki River (a river named Aura) where it flows into Ladoga.
Lahdenpohya, Russia 17.02.21
Pedestrian crossing on the street of the city online
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The web camera online broadcasts a view of Lenin Street in the city of Lahdenpohya. The hard-to-pronounce name Lahdenpohya translates from Finnish as "the edge of the bay." The city is really located on the shores of the Yakimvar Bay of Ladoga Lake. This is one of Karelia's most picturesque places. People come here to admire the schers.
Lahdenpohya, Russia 17.02.21
Gagarin Street in Lahdenpohya online
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The online webcam broadcasts a live broadcast overlooking the city's stadium located on Sports Street in the city of Lahdenpohya. Lahdenpohya is a small town in Karelia on the shores of the majestic Lake Ladoga. The sights of Lahdenpohya are few and far between, but the local natural beauty is something worth visiting.
Lahdenpohya, Russia 16.02.21
City Stadium in Lahdenpohya online
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