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Batumi highway near Kerama Marazzi. Webcams Dagomys


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The Dagomys webcam online allows you to see the Batumi highway street.

The review opens up a view of the road and nearby houses. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.

Many people come to Dagomys, whose live webcams are available on the site, to take a break from the bustle of the city and just lie on the beach.

But in the village, which is often considered a microdistrict of Sochi, there are actually many interesting natural and architectural monuments. Therefore, spending all the time on the beach is definitely not worth it.
In Dagomys, there are enough attractive buildings, both ancient and modern. Among them is the house of the manager of the royal estate, Uspensky. It was built by Grigory Uspensky in the 1880s. The main house was located in Sochi, and this one was supposed to be a country cottage. The structure is a stone two-story building with a mezzanine. It is decorated with many decorative elements: pilasters, gutta, frieze. After the Revolution, the building was nationalized. The new government decided to create a House of Culture within its walls. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a parish of the Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, but after the construction of a building for the church, the former dacha of Uspensky turned into an apartment building.

Another fascinating place is the Dagomys Venice.

It is a collection of houses on stilts. They were built in this way due to the fact that they are located near the river and the coastal soil was unable to hold the concrete foundation. But it only had to be “on hand”. The place really reminds of Venice, so if you want beautiful photos and a romantic atmosphere, then you should go here.

The main religious building in Dagomys, whose webcams allow you to enjoy picturesque views, is the Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

Construction began in 1992. The building was built in pseudo-Byzantine style. This is a majestic white building. Massive vaults and arched portals add to the impressiveness, while panoramic windows and medallions add a bit of elegance. The temple is located on a hill surrounded by vegetation.
In addition to architecture, this part of the Krasnodar Territory is full of fascinating natural places. Not far from the village there is a beautiful waterfall with the unusual name "Witch's Gorge". Perhaps this name appeared due to the fact that water flows make their way into the gorge, surrounded by a relict forest. Large and closely spaced crowns of trees do not let in much sunlight, which creates twilight. Of course, the place is shrouded in many legends, including witches' covens. Previously, the waterfall was difficult to access, but now a path leads to it. "Witch's Gorge" consists of several cascades and rises above the ground at a level of 10 m. This is really an atmospheric place in Dagomys, whose webcams are available on the site live.
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The Dagomys webcam broadcasts live a view of the intersection of Armavirskaya Street and Batumi Highway. You can monitor traffic and weather conditions online. The lens captures not only the road, but also houses.
Dagomys, Russia 25.05.22
Crossing of Armavir and Batumi highways. Webcams Dagomys
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Live webcam of Dagomys shows a view of the beach and the sea from the apart-hotel "Adagio Le Rond Sochi". In real time, you can enjoy a picturesque view of a part of the Black Sea coast.
Dagomys, Russia 22.05.22
Aparthotel Adagio Le Rond Sochi. Webcams Dagomys
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The webcam of Dagomys broadcasts in real time to the exit of the Batumi highway. Thanks to this, you can assess the current traffic situation, as well as weather conditions. Departure to the highway in this place is carried out from Russian street.
Dagomys, Russia 20.05.22
Departure to Batumi highway. Webcams Dagomys
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The Dagomys webcam allows you to see online the intersection of Leningradskaya Street and Batumi Highway. Thanks to the live broadcast, you can observe the situation on the road and the weather. The lens also includes apartment buildings and many trees.
Dagomys, Russia 14.05.22
Crossroads of Leningradskaya and Batumi highways. Webcams Dagomys
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The Dagomys webcam broadcasts a view of the beach of the health complex of the same name in real time. This is one of the most famous resort facilities in Sochi. It is located just a few hundred meters from the sea and is surrounded by greenery.
Dagomys, Russia 11.05.22
The beach of the health complex Dagomys. Webcams Dagomys
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