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Watch Dagomys webcams online - Black Sea coast

You can watch Dagomys webcams online to enjoy the picturesque views. This is a small resort village located on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory. It is located in close proximity to Sochi and is surrounded not only by the sea, but also by the foothills of the Caucasus. Despite its size, this settlement is rich in natural and architectural attractions, as well as entertainment for children and adults. Here you can relax from the bustle of the city, get acquainted with the history of the area and try traditional Adyghe dishes.

The history of the village begins in the Ancient Ages, archaeologists find monuments of Maikop and dolmen cultures on its territory.

Later, representatives of one of the branches of the Adyghe people called "Ubykhs" moved here. One of the auls was led by Prince Dogomuko, who was in the XIX century. during the Caucasian War, the leader of the anti-Russian resistance of the highlanders. Some argue that the name of the village was in honor of this man. After the seizure of the territory by Russian troops, most of the population migrated to the Ottoman Empire. The lands began to be populated by soldiers, so the settlements were called by companies: Second Company, Third Company, etc. At the same time, by the end of the XIX century. Greeks and Armenians moved here, and at the beginning of the new century, estates of wealthy Russian personalities appeared here.
After the Revolution, Dagomys began to develop the resort industry. There are sanatoriums and rest houses. In 1958 it received the status of a workers' settlement, and in 1961 it became part of Greater Sochi. Popularity as a resort comes to him in the 80s of the last century, when a huge health complex of the same name appeared. Now this place is loved for its tranquility and picturesqueness. Many people come here with their families, because there is enough entertainment for both children and adults.
The health complex itself is located on the territory of the park area of ​​the former imperial estate. In the USSR, it was considered the most modern and comfortable resort facility. At some point, international conferences were even held here, at one of which Academician A. Sakharov spoke. In the 2000s, the building was reconstructed, and now it hospitably welcomes tourists. The complex consists of a park area, several swimming pools, a spa, entertainment facilities and a private beach.

Dagomys webcams allow you to watch online the picturesque streets of the village.

The most memorable place will be the museum of vintage cars. It opened in 2010. The collection was created by a local resident who bought vintage cars, restored them and placed them on the territory of the former factory. Today, here you can see several halls in which there are vehicles of the last century from the USA, Germany, England and the USSR. In addition to cars, motorcycles, tractors and vans can be seen here. Cars are also placed on the street, but they are no longer subject to restoration and rather resemble ancient monuments. The tour is interesting because the exhibits can be touched, and in some it is allowed to sit inside.
Another interesting local symbol is the suspension bridge, which appeared here about a hundred years ago. The construction was erected to connect the two banks of the Dagomys River, so that residents could comfortably move along the streets. It is a wooden bridge with metal side supports. Locals say that passing through the bridge, one can determine the state of the sea by the river: if the water in it is cloudy, then it is restless, and if it is transparent, then vice versa.
Having visited the Krasnodar Territory, you cannot pass by the Museum of the History of Local Tea. It is located in the workshops of the former tea factory. In the village, the agronomist Judas Koshman took up the cultivation of this crop at the beginning of the last century. He managed to develop a frost-resistant type of tea and develop local production to such an extent that in the 1940s many regions of the USSR were supplied with it. Today in the museum you can get acquainted with the production of tea, see real Tula samovars, try a drink and even buy an unusual tea gift.
It is also worth getting to know the surrounding villages. For example, to go to the neighboring settlement of Uch-Dere. The name translated from Turkish means "three gorges". The village is located just 7 km from Dagomys. Initially, it was the estate of the Romanov princes, which was later leased to Armenian families. Here you can enjoy the picturesque nature and the building of the former military sanatorium, which in the 50s was named after N. Semashko. This village is also popular with tourists who prefer "wild" recreation. On its territory there are sparsely populated beaches, where tent camps are set up.

You can watch Dagomys webcams online and walk along its streets without leaving your home or office.

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The Dagomys webcam broadcasts live a view of the intersection of Armavirskaya Street and Batumi Highway. You can monitor traffic and weather conditions online. The lens captures not only the road, but also houses.
Dagomys, Russia 25.05.22
Crossing of Armavir and Batumi highways. Webcams Dagomys
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Live webcam of Dagomys shows a view of the beach and the sea from the apart-hotel "Adagio Le Rond Sochi". In real time, you can enjoy a picturesque view of a part of the Black Sea coast.
Dagomys, Russia 22.05.22
Aparthotel Adagio Le Rond Sochi. Webcams Dagomys
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The webcam of Dagomys broadcasts in real time to the exit of the Batumi highway. Thanks to this, you can assess the current traffic situation, as well as weather conditions. Departure to the highway in this place is carried out from Russian street.
Dagomys, Russia 20.05.22
Departure to Batumi highway. Webcams Dagomys
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The Dagomys webcam online allows you to see the Batumi highway street. The review opens up a view of the road and nearby houses. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Dagomys, Russia 16.05.22
Batumi highway near Kerama Marazzi. Webcams Dagomys
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The Dagomys webcam allows you to see online the intersection of Leningradskaya Street and Batumi Highway. Thanks to the live broadcast, you can observe the situation on the road and the weather. The lens also includes apartment buildings and many trees.
Dagomys, Russia 14.05.22
Crossroads of Leningradskaya and Batumi highways. Webcams Dagomys
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The Dagomys webcam broadcasts a view of the beach of the health complex of the same name in real time. This is one of the most famous resort facilities in Sochi. It is located just a few hundred meters from the sea and is surrounded by greenery.
Dagomys, Russia 11.05.22
The beach of the health complex Dagomys. Webcams Dagomys
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