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Uglich webcams, which you can watch online on this site, represent a quiet Russian town that keeps its thousand-year history. Numerous religious buildings, ancient buildings and a calm, measured pace of city life immerse you in the cozy atmosphere of the Russian hinterland.

Uglich is a small ancient city of the Yaroslavl region, located on a steep bend of the Volga.

By the way, one of the versions of the origin of the name is considered to be precisely the geographical location of the city: the river here bends at a sharp angle.
According to another version of historians, Uglich is named so because in the old days coal was burned here.
The first mention of a settlement with the name Uglich-pole is found in the Ipatiev Chronicle of 1148. By 1218 it was already the center of the Uglich principality. Having survived numerous Tatar raids, since 1329 the city has been part of the Moscow principality and has become its border stronghold.
Uglich is part of the Golden Ring of Russia and is famous for the fact that it was here in 1591 that the young Tsarevich Dmitry, the heir to the throne of Ivan the Terrible and the last of the Rurikids, was killed. This fact attracts tourists to Uglich and people who are simply not indifferent to Russian history.

For the same reason, the main sights of the city are the Central Square and the Kremlin - the place of death of the young prince.

In 1692, this tragic event was immortalized by the unusually beautiful stone church “Dmitry on the Blood” built here. Untouched by time, the "Chambers of Tsarevich Dmitry" - a two-story stone building. Now excursions are being held here, a museum and a small antique shop of household items of Russian antiquity have been organized.
There is another historical monument in the Kremlin - the Transfiguration Cathedral, dating back to 1485. It was built by order of Prince Andrei the Great. The cathedral was badly dilapidated and suffered in several internecine wars, and in 1713 it was rebuilt.
Churches and monasteries, of which there are quite a lot in Uglich, can be called an ornament and a kind of visiting card of the city. Each of these magnificent buildings is a monument to the historical events of the era of wars of conquest and the formation of Russian statehood.
Thus, the Resurrection Monastery was built by Prince Roman back in the 13th century, but was almost completely destroyed by the Polish conquerors in 1609. In the same century the monastery was restored and moved to a new location.
The Epiphany and Alekseevsky monasteries are also included in the mandatory excursion program due to their history and, of course, magnificent architecture.
12 km from Uglich is the Nikolo-Uleiminsky Monastery, dated 1400.

If you watch Uglich webcams online, you will notice how many different views of the city open up from the Volga embankment.

Numerous bends along the entire length of this walking route are chosen by the townspeople and guests of the city. From the central park to the very outskirts, with each turn of the river, urban landscapes replace each other, as in a kaleidoscope.
The Uglich hydroelectric power station and the gateway can be called peculiar industrial monuments of the more modern Soviet era. Built in the 30s of the last century, the station is now a museum with an interesting and informative program.
A successful engineering solution and location in a picturesque place overlooking the Volga navigable canal ensure the popularity of the HPP both for tourists and local residents. Against the backdrop of the panorama of the city opening from the dam, incredibly beautiful photos are obtained.
In Uglich there are also many museums of various subjects: archaeological, local history and industrial. You can create an individual cultural and educational program for every taste.

Various events regularly held here can be considered an original attraction of Uglich.

Competitions on motorcycles and aquabikes, races on bicycles and snowmobiles, festivals of musicians and photographers - you can list for a long time, but it's better to visit here and see everything with your own eyes.
City Day is celebrated on a special scale, as well as Youth Day. That is why it would be extremely wrong to call Uglich a boring backwoods.
The so-called “Guest Card”, which is offered by the Tourist Information Center of Uglich, turned out to be a successful and attractive idea for visitors. It provides a weekly package of services, which includes 8 excursions, 9 museums, a master class, a restaurant and hotel accommodation. The Guest Card comes with a guide and a detailed map of the city.

But if at the moment there is no opportunity for a real trip, then Uglich webcams will help you go virtual, which you can watch online right from home.

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Uglich webcam offers a view of the picturesque Assumption Square. The lens covers a spacious area paved with colored patterns. In the foreground, car traffic is visible along Yaroslavskaya Street. Behind you can see the smooth surface of the Stone Stream. Near the square there are several museums and a summer stage.
Uglich, Russia 15.11.22
Assumption Square. Webcams Uglich
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Uglich webcam broadcasts live from the intersection of Lenin and Spasskaya streets. The lens captures traffic along the interchange, as well as a pedestrian crossing. Sidewalks and adjoining buildings are located on both sides of the road. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can observe the current situation and the weather.
Uglich, Russia 13.11.22
Crossroads of Lenin and Spasskaya streets. Webcams Uglich
75 0
Device overlooking the intersection of Lenin and Spasskaya streets in Uglich. The lens captures traffic on the road junction, two pedestrian crossings and adjoining sidewalks. The broadcast is conducted in real time, which allows you to track the current situation and violations.
Uglich, Russia 08.11.22
Crossroads of Lenin and Spasskaya streets. Angle-2. Webcams Uglich
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