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Webcams online Ryazan – the life of the great Russian city

Ryazan is a major regional centre, attractions that are tough to beat in 1 day. However, the city offers tours that cover the most important locations and monuments. Most often the tour itineraries includes the Ryazan Kremlin, Cathedral Park and the adjacent eponymous square.
Ryazan Kremlin is an ancient historical and architectural complex. A unique Museum under the open sky, which is the main attraction of the city. It is located in the old town of Ryazan and recommended to visit in the first place.
Among other important monuments of Ryazan – Glebov a bridge between the ancient fortress and Cathedral Park. Once it was a strategic object that executes military-defensive function. During enemy attacks, the bridge was lifted up to the walls of the Kremlin, blocking the way of the enemy.
In the top 20 of the tallest bell towers of Russia is the Cathedral bell tower. Its height together with a 25-metre gilded spire equal to 83.2 m. the Building erected in 1840 and has the characteristics of the architectural style of classicism. Worked on a project for three architect. For 50 years spent on the construction of the bell tower. Thanks to this carefully calibrated approach, the structure is considered the most beautiful among similar throughout the country.
The complex of the Ryazan Kremlin is the main religious building of the area – the Cathedral of the assumption. It was built in the style of "Naryshkin" Baroque in 1699. Architect Y. G. Bukhvostov, working on the project of the temple was based on the appearance of the assumption Cathedral, part of the Moscow Kremlin. There is a perception that the Dormition Cathedral is one of the most majestic temple buildings of its era and the most significant monument of "Naryshkin" architectural style.
Of course, over time the appearance of the assumption Cathedral was significantly changed. Disappeared his parapet of white stone, changing the shape of the roof. The highlight of a Church interior was white-stone fretwork. Tracery is a woven in a harmonious composition of flowers, leaves and grape bunches. Interestingly, no element is repeated.
Striking and the interior of the building. The compositional center of the interior of the Cathedral is a seven-tier iconostasis, created in the XVII century. Its height reaches 27 m. In the XVIII century it was gilded by Moscow masters. The icons were painted by Nikolay Solomon and his apprentices.
Among the main churches of the Ryazan Metropolia applies Christ Cathedral. It was founded in the late XIV century by the decree of Grand Prince Oleg of Ryazan. This is one of the oldest buildings in the Ryazan region and the first stone building in the Kremlin.
The first temple was consecrated in honor of assumption of the blessed virgin, but after the erection of the new Church, called Christ.
Unfortunately, the original appearance of the Cathedral to have survived only a small part. The Foundation of the temple appearance was formed in the XIX century. It was during this period, the building received architectural features typical of Russian-Byzantine style.
Another important cult object of Ryazan – the Church of the Epiphany. This snow-white Church with five domes, which appeared on the Orthodox land in the XVII century, once during a fire completely destroyed the original wooden structure. The design of this fine temple has five gilded domes, a refectory and a bell tower with a tent roof. Originally there were 6 bells. However, in the period of post-revolutionary persecution of the Church, the bells were removed. Their fate is not known to this day.
The most valuable specimen of ancient Russian architecture of XV-XVII centuries the Archangel Cathedral. This four-column cross-domed building with three apses and entrances. Once it was a princely chapel, and the tombs of the bishops of Ryazan land. In the Cathedral there are 22 burials. Here lies the renowned religious and public figure, an associate of Peter Stefan Jaworski.
The Central building of the Ryazan diocese Consistory is the body. When it was the trial chamber. Today kept Church records. The building is an architectural monument of the XVII century. Within its walls are some Museum expositions dedicated to the history of Ryazan.
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The Ryazan webcam broadcasts live a view of a pedestrian intersection near the Ryazan Machine Tool College. This educational institution trains employees for industrial enterprises of the city.
Ryazan, Russia 26.09.22
Crossroads near the Ryazan College. Webcams Ryazan
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The Ryazan webcam broadcasts online a view of the intersection of the Shabulin passage and the street. Biryuzova. These streets are located in the Moscow region. Nearby there is a gas station, a medical clinic and other social facilities.
Ryazan, Russia 23.09.22
Crossroads Shabulina passage - Biryuzova street. Webcams Ryazan
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The Ryazan webcam broadcasts online a view of the intersection of st. Biryuzova and st. International. These streets are located in the Moscow district of the city. Not far from the intersection there is a pharmacy and a tire shop.
Ryazan, Russia 21.09.22
Crossroads of Biryuzova - International. Webcams Ryazan
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The Ryazan webcam broadcasts a view of the pedestrian crossing near the Morskoy Glory Park in real time. It is located on a hill, given the steep cliff, sometimes you get the feeling that you are on board a ship. It offers a magnificent view of the Oka and the Ryazan Kremlin.
Ryazan, Russia 18.09.22
Pedestrian crossing near the Marine Glory Park. Webcams Ryazan
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The webcam of Ryazan in real time shows a view of the intersection of the Prioksky overpass and st. October. Nearby is Moscow Square, where a multimedia musical fountain was opened a few years ago.
Ryazan, Russia 17.09.22
Crossroads Prioksky overpass - Oktyabrskaya street. Webcams Ryazan
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The webcam of Ryazan in real time allows you to look at the view of the intersection of st. Seminarskaya and st. Pavlova. Live you can see what is happening on the main streets, assess the traffic situation.
Ryazan, Russia 10.09.22
Crossroads of Seminarskaya - Pavlova streets. Webcams Ryazan
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The webcam of Ryazan in real time allows you to look at the view of the intersection of Seminarskaya and st. Sennaya. These streets are considered one of the main ones and are located in the central part of the city.
Ryazan, Russia 05.09.22
Crossroads of Seminarskaya - Sennaya streets. Webcams Ryazan
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Ryazan live webcam allows you to see what is happening at the intersection of Gorky and st. Freedom. Both are located in the historical center of the city, so the main attractions are not so far from each other.
Ryazan, Russia 31.08.22
Crossroads of Gorky - Svoboda streets. Webcams Ryazan
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Ryazan webcams in real time broadcast a view of the intersection of Chapaeva - Proletarskaya streets. Not far from this intersection is the Gorbaty Bridge and a new residential complex.
Ryazan, Russia 24.08.22
Crossroads of Chapaev - Proletarskaya streets. Webcams Ryazan
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Live webcams of Ryazan broadcast a view of the Crossroads of Yakhontova-Vvedenskaya streets. The lens captures a pedestrian crossing and the nearest public transport stops, one of which is Michurin Square.
Ryazan, Russia 18.08.22
Crossroads of Yakhontova - Vvedenskaya streets. Webcams Ryazan
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To view the webcam gets Ryazan circus located on Lybidska Boulevard. Lybidska Boulevard appeared in Ryazan in the 60-ies of XX century on the place where the river Lybid. In the result of improvement of a former floodplain of the river there is a Park with a chestnut alley.
Ryazan, Russia 30.01.20
Ryazan circus in real-time
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Walking through the Lybidska Boulevard in Ryazan, you will definitely see Ryazan post office located at Post 49. The web camera transmits a view of the post office 390000
Ryazan, Russia 12.01.20
Post office 390000. Webcams online Ryazan
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The webcam transmits real-time Lybidska Boulevard, the camera is mounted on the Ryazan circus. Lybidska Boulevard is a Boulevard in the Soviet district of the city of Ryazan. Located at the river Lybid from the stadium "Spartak" to the Ryazan circus. Has a length of about 1 km.
Ryazan, Russia 12.01.20
Lybidska Boulevard - Ryazan circus. Webcams online Ryazan
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Web camera in real-time translates the monument to the Yevpatiya Kolovrat - opened in October 2007. The monument by sculptor O. Sedova located at the Postal square, near the Kremlin. The statue is a folk hero on the horse, standing on a granite pedestal in red.
Ryazan, Russia 05.01.20
A Monument To The Yevpatiya Kolovrat. Webcams online Ryazan
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Web camera in real-time broadcast Outside the Cathedral – one of the most beautiful small streets of Ryazan. Runs from the Cathedral square and to Lenin square. This is the historic center of the city.
Ryazan, Russia 22.12.19
Street Cathedral. Stream in the direction of the Ryazan Kremlin. Webcams online Ryazan
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