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Station square 2. Novoye Devyatkino web camera online

Station square 2. Novoye Devyatkino web camera online


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The history of the name "Devyatkino" is still a mystery. For the first time, a settlement with this name was recorded on the map of F. Schubert from 1834, curved along the Kapral stream. According to one version, the name "Devyatkino" just came from the bend of the stream - as if by its shape it somehow resembled the number nine. According to another version, the name of the village came from the surname of the owner of the factory located nearby: information was preserved that at the beginning of the XIX century. a certain manufacturer, the Ninth, owned a porcelain factory just at the northern borders of Petersburg. The village of Devyatkino (in Finnish Uusi Miina) was located in the Toksovsky volost of the Shlisselburg district of the St. Petersburg province, ”Murino. Chronicle of three centuries “local historian N.Ya. Serebryakova. - It is necessary to note the peculiarity of the Finnish villages of this volost. If the Russian settlement consisted of one settlement, then the Finnish one was a multitude of separate farms remote from each other. Each of these villages could have its own name ... So Devyatkino, the Finnish settlement, was divided into Big and Small ... " N.Ya. Serebryakova investigated in detail the history of the accession of the village of Devyatkino to Murinsky volost. In a document dated May 1888 and addressed to the St. Petersburg provincial peasant affairs by the presence of the district police officer, it was reported: “For the deduction of land for the artillery experimental field on which the village of Devyatkin of the Toksovsky volost of the Shlisselburg district was located, the indicated village was transferred to another locality located in the area of ​​St. Petersburg county. As a result of which, and according to the presentation of the Shlisselburg Uyezd for Peasant Affairs, the provincial presence decided on February 16 to determine: in view of the territorial position, the village of Devyatkina within the St. Petersburg district of Murinsky volost was added to the designated volost. " On May 9, 1888, the Murinsky Rural Society met with the participation of peasants from the village of Novo-Devyatkina, at which they announced their accession to the Murinsky Rural Society. At that time in the village of Novo-Devyatkino there were 27 yards, 60 revision souls of a male and 58 - of a female. The lists of inhabitants of Novo-Devyatkino included exclusively Finnish surnames - Velikayne, Tansk, Kanine, Kostoma, Liski, Nui, Yalikone, Sus, Haikon and others. Children from Novo-Devyatkino went to study at the Murin school until in 1910 in the village appeared own. The question of the need for its opening was discussed on February 17, 1910 at a village gathering under the chairmanship of the headman Samuil Mikhailovich Kanninen. The fact is that the Murinsky school, located at a distance of more than two miles from the village, of the available fifty students attended no more than ten, the rest just stayed at home. As an explanation of this fact, the local historian N.Ya. Serebryakova cites lines from a rural gathering document: “The peasants of our village are in very poor condition and are not able to make good clothes to send their children to school. In addition, the children are in danger along the way, since there is always a big drive along the Big Murinsky road.” In 1931, universal collectivization came to Devyatkino: they organized the Novaya Urtaya collective farm (translated from Finnish as “New Harvest”). The first attempt, relatively voluntary, to create a collective farm in Devyatkino, undertaken in 1930, ended in failure. N.Ya. Serebryakova cites an archival document signed by the chairman of the district executive committee Kapustin: “At the beginning of February 1930, 45 households entered the collective farm at the general meeting, of which 34 people, thanks to the campaigning of Susie and Kaugenen, submitted applications for leaving the collective farm for two to three days. Mr. Susy persuaded the peasants that horses could live without a collective farm, but let the poor live on the collective farm. I propose to conduct a secret investigation and submit all material to the Presidium of the District Executive Committee no later than March 15 this year. ” In March 1942, the Finnish population of Devyatkino was evicted on a national basis along with all the other Finnish Ingermanlanders and German colonists who were inside the blockade ring of Leningrad. ... The villages of Old and New Devyatkino existed in the late 1980s, then New Devyatkino absorbed the Old, and today there is only the village of Novo-Devyatkino.
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The webcam of St. Petersburg is broadcasting from the side of Suvorovsky Prospekt at the intersection with Tavricheskaya Street. In this area of the city there are many architectural sights, as well as shops, restaurants, business centers. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 17.11.22
City view. Webcams St. Petersburg
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The camera with sound is broadcasting from St. Petersburg. The lens covers the traffic on Nevsky Prospekt, as well as sidewalks and houses adjacent to the roadway. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can observe the situation on the road, as well as current weather conditions.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 11.11.22
Nevsky Avenue. View 2. Webcams of St. Petersburg
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Camera overlooking the Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg. The lens offers a picturesque view of the waterway, as well as ancient architectural monuments of the Northern capital. Thanks to high quality and real-time broadcast, everyone can admire this amazing city from anywhere in the country and the world.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 08.11.22
Griboyedov Canal. Webcams St. Petersburg
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The PTZ webcam is installed on the building at 8 Petrovskaya Naberezhnaya in St. Petersburg. Thanks to this device, you can see Pirogovskaya embankment, Liteiny bridge, Kutuzov embankment, Bolshaya Nevka and Neva, as well as Palace embankment, Temple on the Blood, Summer Garden, Troitsky bridge. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 23.12.21
Embankment (overview). Saint Petersburg webcams
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Overview of the center of St. Petersburg. The device is installed on the building of the Foundation for Historical Photography. K. Bulls overlooking Nevsky Prospekt and st. Sadovaya. The lens enters the building of the National Library, Gostiny Dvor and other architectural monuments that are objects of the country's cultural heritage. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 15.12.21
Sadovaya Street and Nevsky Prospect (review). Saint Petersburg webcams
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The webcam is located at the Petrovskaya embankment with a view of the Cruiser "Aurora" in St. Petersburg. The lens also captures the Nakhimovsky square with a fountain, a hotel and part of the Bolshaya Nevka water area. On the opposite bank you can see the Kutuzov embankment with adjacent buildings. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 01.11.21
Aurora Cruiser. Saint Petersburg webcams
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Webcam with sound is located in St. Petersburg. The majestic cruiser "Aurora", moored to the eternal dock at the Petrogradskaya embankment on the Bolshaya Nevka river, appears before the onlookers. The Aurora is one of the most famous museum ships in the world and can be observed in real time.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 25.10.21
Cruiser "Author". Saint Petersburg webcams
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The camera is positioned in the "Raphael Hall" in the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg). The lens covers the hall, stunning in its decor, where masterpieces made by a brilliant master are exhibited. In the foreground, you can see the artist's famous painting "Madonna Conestabile", created in 1504. The broadcast is conducted online.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 25.10.21
The Raphael Hall in the Hermitage. Saint Petersburg webcams
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Stolyarnyy pereulok is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, he runs from the Kazan street down to canal Griboedova, in the area in which Fyodor Dostoevsky liked to settle the heroes of their works.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 29.01.19
Stolyarny lane. Webcam of Saint Petersburg online
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Kupchino is the southern edge of St. Petersburg is the Neva lowland, on the middle reaches of the river Volkovka. He is currently one of the largest residential districts of St. Petersburg.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 29.01.19
The Kupchino District. Hypermarket Tape. Webcam of Saint Petersburg online
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Novoye Devyatkino village of Vsevolozhsk district, a suburb of St. Petersburg. Distance from Vsevolozhsk is about 15 miles, while to the outskirts of the Northern capital – only 7 km. In neighboring Murino railway station Devyatkino Priozersk direction.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 29.01.19
Station square 1. Novoye Devyatkino web camera online
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The origin of the name of the settlement of Novoye Devyatkino is connected with the name of the owner of the factory to produce porcelain, which was located in the vicinity. These data date from the first decades of the nineteenth century. Entrepreneur Devyatkin founded his production right at the Northern border of St. Petersburg.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 29.01.19
Novoye Devyatkino street lake. Webcam of Saint Petersburg online
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The history of the origin of the name "Devyatkino" is still a mystery. The first settlement with this name recorded on the map by F. Schubert from 1834, Corporal curved along the Creek.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 29.01.19
Ulitsa Ozernaya, Novoye Devyatkino. Webcam of Saint Petersburg online
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Novoye Devyatkino is a village in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region, the administrative center and the only town Novodevyatkino rural settlement.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 29.01.19
Main street, Novoye Devyatkino. Webcam of Saint Petersburg online
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The web camera transmits in real time the main slope of the resort of Red lake.Resort "Red lake" is not only a great place for active holidays at any time of the year, but also the possibility to organize a Banquet, seminar, corporate event.
Saint Petersburg, Russia 19.01.19
The main slope. Resort Red lake web camera online
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