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Panoramic view of the Geo Milev area. Sofia's webcams online


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Online transport to Geo Milev is a district of Sofia named after Bulgarian poet and publicist Geo Milev. It is located about 3 km from the city center, connected by the boulevards "Tsarigrad Highway" and "Shipchen Pass" passing into "King Ivan Asen II." The Geo Milev is one of the largest in Sofia and is located in the eastern part of Sofia.

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. It is a very beautiful city, where you can see both buildings built during the time of Turkish rule, and Baroque architecture. There are many huge parks, and nearby, on top of the Vitosha massif, there is a ski resort. We have chosen the most interesting sights of Sofia, which need to be seen first.

Serdika Metro Station
Travel is rarely associated with the subway. But Sofia is a special case. The history of the city dates back more than 7,000 years, and during the construction of subway tunnels were discovered the remains of Roman buildings. And now subway passengers can see these sights. While waiting for the train to arrive, you can see the artifacts that are stored in glass vessels. And those who prefer ground walks should remember that there are many ancient architectural monuments around the Serdika metro station, including the president's residence and the mosque.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
This memorial was built after the end of the war between Russia and Turkey in memory of all those who died in the battle for freedom. This largest church in the Balkans stands out for its iconographic and architectural prowess. The huge wooden doors and stunning saints are striking. There is also a royal throne.

The Garden of King Boris
To take a break from the city noise, visit the garden of Tsar Boris, where you can admire the amazing plants and many monuments. There is also a private observatory in this garden. And nearby is the Vitosha mountain range.

Sofia University
The university was established during the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. The architecture of the rectorate is a cultural monument of the country. The standard building of the late 19th century, combined with the massive statues of the brothers Eulogs and Hristo Georgiev, who supported the construction, is an unusual work of art. The interior of the school is also striking: huge marble staircases, incredible paintings and creaky wooden doors...

National Palace of Culture
The National Palace of Culture was built in 1981 to celebrate the 1300th anniversary of Bulgaria. Today it is the largest convention center in Southeastern Europe. The building covers an area of 123,000 square meters, has three underground levels and eight floors. It has thirteen halls, which are organized various exhibitions. It hosts music concerts, folklore performances and performances. The auditorium can accommodate 3,400 people.

Largo is an architectural ensemble in Independence Square between the President's office, the Council of Ministers and other administrative buildings. The remains of the ancient Roman city of Serdika are in the subway tunnel under the square. There is an underground archaeological level, where a unique transparent roof allows you to see the whole street at the top.

Ivan Vazov National Theatre
In front of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre there is an elegant garden with a fountain, which is very popular to visit locals and tourists. It is always full of young people, pensioners, chess players and street musicians. And in winter, the main Christmas market is held here.

Mineral bath
The Central Mineral Bath is one of the most magnificent buildings in Sofia. It now houses the Museum of the History of the City. It houses centuries-old relics, photographs of the last century, a royal carriage and a retro tram.
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Online webcam from Lesnovo Airport - airport in Lesnovo, Bulgaria. Located 22 km east of Sofia in the municipality of Yelin Pelin. Until 1989, Lesnovo Airport served as an agricultural airport. In 2001, the airport became the property of Interscai. The asphalt track has been extended to the current size of 910 x25 meters.
Sofia, Bulgaria 19.09.20
Lesnovo Airport. Sofia's webcams online
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Webcam online from Sofia - from a weather station located in Khladilnik, with panoramic views of the mountain range Vitosha. Khladilynik is a small area of Sofia located in the Losenetsky district. The town is bordered by the Losenets district to the north, the South Park to the west, the Vitosha and Krastov Wada neighborhoods to the south, and the Sofia zoo to the east.
Sofia, Bulgaria 19.09.20
Webcam online from Sofia - from the weather station in Khladilynik.
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The web camera online in real time broadcasts a panorama of the village of Cazeneuve. The village of Cazeneuve in the Sofia City Region is part of the Stolichna community. Also in the perspective of the web camera we see the Balkan mountain range, Stara-Planina (Old Mountains) - one of the most beautiful mountain systems in Europe.
Sofia, Bulgaria 19.09.20
The village of Cazeneuve, Balkan Mountains webcam online
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An online webcam with panoramic views of the Vitosha mountain range. Vitosha is the most significant of the mountains of the Plansk-Saval mountain system. The highest peak of it - Cherni-Vrykh (2290 m) puts Vitosha in fourth place among the mountains of Bulgaria. Vitosha is the cradle of Bulgarian mountain tourism.
Sofia, Bulgaria 19.09.20
Vitosha Mountain Range. Sofia's webcams online
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Online webcam with a panorama of the Lozenetsky district of Sofia. The old name of the Losenets quarter is Korubalgar, which means vine in the forest. Later the name of the quarter begins to be pronounced - Kurubaglar , which means dry vine. The first name more accurately defines the name of the quarter, namely the rich vegetation and lush forests that surrounded Sofia.
Sofia, Bulgaria 10.09.20
Losenets district. Sofia's webcams online
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Online webcam overlooking the Ovcha Kupel quarter and Mount Vitosha. Vitosha is the only mountain of volcanic origin in Bulgaria. To the highest point of Vitosha "Cherni Vhrh" (2290 m) you can get from Simeonovo or Dragalevtsev, where the initial lift stations are located.
Sofia, Bulgaria 10.09.20
Ovcha Kupel, a panorama of Mount Vitosha. Sofia's webcams online
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The web camera is broadcast online from Opalchen Street in Sofia. Sofia, surrounded by overgrown parks, is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is located at the foot of mount Vitosha, popular with skiers. Sofia, which has a history of more than seven millennia, is one of the oldest cities in Europe.
Sofia, Bulgaria 16.08.20
Opalchen Street. Sofia's webcams online
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The web camera broadcasts the Eagles' Bridge online - the bridge got its name because of the bronze eagles statues, which are located on columns on four sides. These noble birds symbolize the protection and patronage of the city.
Sofia, Bulgaria 16.08.20
Eagles Bridge. Sofia's webcams online
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Tsarigradsko shose is the largest Boulevard in Sofia. Is from North-West to South-East, begins at the intersection of Orlov most square Blvd. Evlogi Georgiev and joins the motorway "Trakia"
Sofia, Bulgaria 14.05.17
Tsarigradsko shose. Sofia web Cam online
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