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The intersection near the “Zbruch”

The intersection near the “Zbruch”


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On the river Seret, which flows in the WesternUkrainethat is an oldthe city of Ternopilstriking in its grandeur, fine architecture and a huge number of cultural values. In the lands where today is hosted Ternopil, according to findings from archaeological excavations, people lived in the X century BC Until the mid-twentieth century, the city was called Tarnopol. In the history and lore of Ternopil there are two main theories about the origin of the name of the city. In the first version – the city was named in honor of its founder – magnate Jan Tarnowski, who in 1540 had erected on these lands a powerful fortress, and led the settlement. In the other variation says that once the land where the town was founded, was densely overgrown with thorn tree, and the new city received the name from the Polish language means "field of Thorns". If You come to Ternopil for a tour – I suggest You in the first place, to see the amazing temple architecture of the city. In Ternopil, as in most Western Ukrainian cities, is dominated by people with the Catholic religion. The patroness of the city is Saint Thekla, a statue with the image which is in the Dominican Church –ChurchThe immaculate conception, which is one of the main attractions of the city, along with the Old castle. This is the Central temple of Ternopil-Zaborovskaya of the diocese, elegant building which was built in the late XVIII century in the Baroque style under the project of August Moshenskogo. Another unique Church is the Church of the Nativity, located in the city centre. Here is kept the famous miraculous icon of Ternopil Holy mother of God. Interesting examples of architecture are Roman-Catholic Church of divine mercy and the Greek-Catholic Church of the Apostle Peter, served by Franciscan friars. Despite the fact that during the second world war, Ternopil was almost completely destroyed, there remain a small number of historic buildings, among them the famous Ternopil castle, which actually begins in Ternopil urban planning and development. Of course, these days the appearance of the castle is completely different from that stronghold, which was erected by the founder of Ternopil, as in the NINETEENTH century, the castle was radically rebuilt the Palace, in the style of Russian classicism by the then owner of the city. One of the main attractions of the city is Ternopil lake, artificially created in the years of the founding of the city, where today you can ride a pleasure boat. Here at the pond is frequently visited area of nature Park "topil'che", where there is a small reserve with the inhabitants of the West-Ukrainian forest – deer and pheasants.
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Webcam shows a view of the Theater square in Ternopil (Ukraine). This wide Boulevard, with beautiful monuments and unusual landscaping. The area is located in the centre of the city. Here is the Regional academic music and drama theatre. T. G. Shevchenko.
Ternopil, Ukraine 15.04.15
Theatre square - view towards the Independence monument
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The camera shows the road at the intersection of the Russian and Castle streets in Ternopil. Near this intersection there are several financial institutions, the building of State medical University, the area Will, and, of course, the city's main attraction is Ternopil castle.
Ternopil, Ukraine 15.04.15
The intersection of the Russian and Castle
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The camera shows the bridge over the pond in Ternopil, located in the Park of T. G. Shevchenko, in the city of Ternopil. At the time when the Ternopil castle, the water of the river Seret, which was created by the artificial lake, filled the moat of the fortress walls, and carried many economic functions for the population. In 1987, the Park has gained worldwide significance after the implementation of the world competitions vodomotornomu sport.
Ternopil, Ukraine 15.04.15
Park Shevchenko - island Seagull
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One of the most beautiful parks of Ternopil is the hotel. T. G. Shevchenko. There is a wide embankment at the pond formed from the overlap of the river Seret, a large number of green spaces, bridges, and "Island of love" with Grecian temple, near which is located the webcam.
Ternopil, Ukraine 15.04.15
Park Of Taras Shevchenko
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The web camera shows the concert hall under the open sky, situated in the Park of the national revival of the city of Ternopol (Ukraine). There are various contests and song festivals. The stage is an open stage has special acoustics, which plays an important role in ensuring quality sound during the performances.
Ternopil, Ukraine 15.04.15
The Park of National revival Ternopil
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Theatre square is a beautiful and amazing decoration of Ternopil, which leaves one of the cameras of our site to You first without even leaving Your home or office, able to see with this colorful area is small but not provincial town Ternopil.
Ternopil, Ukraine 24.11.14
The theater square of Ternopil webcam online
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The camera opens on a monument to the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement OUN – Stepan Bandera, located in the centre paved with paving slabs, the square green geometric flower beds, conifer trees and shrubs.
Ternopil, Ukraine 24.11.14
The square named after the Hero of Ukraine of Stepan Bandera
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The camera is located at the intersection of Russian and Dancers in the city of Ternopil. After the crossroads at the pond is vozdvizhenskoye Nadstavna Church. It is the most ancient stone Church. Today the temple is a monument of architecture.
Ternopil, Ukraine 24.11.14
The intersection of Russian and the Dancers - "Nadstavna Church"
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