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Embankment with fountain square. NEMO Hotel Resort & SPA Odessa Webcams Online


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Overview webcam online with a view of the embankment with fountain square in NEMO Hotel Resort & SPA Odessa. NEMO Hotel Resort & SPA-an exclusive five-star hotel on the beach! Its unique location and the highest level of service make it truly the best hotel in Odessa.

Brief history of the city of Odessa

According to many historians in the ancient era, around the VI-th century BC on the lands of the Northern Black Sea region, there were many settlements founded by the Greeks. There is a written mention that in the II-th century before the Birth of Christ, in the place where Odessa is today, there was a small settlement-Istrian, which was a haven for ships of Istrian sailors. But in the third and fourth centuries of our era, during the global processes of the great migration of peoples, the Northern shores of the Black Sea were devastated, and numerous settlements were looted, destroyed and consigned to oblivion.

In the XIII century, when the power of Byzantium weakened, Italian merchants tried to gain a foothold on the northern shores of the Black Sea, establishing small towns and settlements here. What was built on the site of the Greek colony of Istrian is not known for certain. On the maps found by Italian navigators of that period, the coast in this area was called "Ginestra". Most likely, it was an ordinary harbor or anchorage.

There are two main versions about the foundation of the settlement of Hadjibey. According to one — the settlement was founded by the Tatars in the middle of the XIV century. According to the second, the settlement was founded by the Lithuanians during the reign of Vytautas (1392-1430), when the Northern Black Sea region became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Around the beginning of the 1760s, the Turks built a small fortress in the settlement of Hadjibey. Russian Russian troops under the command of General Osip Mikhailovich Deribas captured the fortress during the Russo-Turkish War in September 1789. Khadjibey became part of the Russian Empire And finally it went to Russia, according to the Yassky Peace Treaty of 1791.

Initially, after the conclusion of the Peace of Yass, it was supposed to populate Hadjibey with retired sailors of the Mediterranean rowing flotilla.

But this project was soon abandoned. And instead, in 1793, it was decided to include the fortress of Hadzhibey in the III-th defensive line, or, as it was also called, the Dniester line.
This line of defense was to cover the new Russian border from the side of Bessarabia and it was to include 3 fortresses: Tiraspol, Ovidiopol and Hadzhibey. Therefore, it was decided to build a fortress here and make the Khadjibey raid a parking place for the Black Sea Rowing Flotilla.

General supervision of the construction of fortresses was entrusted to A.V. Suvorov. Vice-Admiral de Ribas and Engineer de Vollan were appointed builders of the fortresses. The project of the fortress, proposed by de Volan, was supposed to create a fortress here for 120 guns and 2000 people of the garrison.

The construction began immediately, up to 800 soldiers worked daily, and by the end of 1793 the outlines of the fortress were already visible. Thus, Khajibey was transformed into a purely military city. At the beginning of 1794, 2 Musketeer and 2 grenadier regiments arrived in Hadjibey for the needs of the fleet.

It was at this moment that a radical revolution in the development of Hadjibei took place. In its place, they decided to build a military and commercial port on the Black Sea. The original plans were to build such a port in Kherson or Nikolaev, but the freezing and shallow river mouths in those cities forced us to look for another place. The merit of de Ribas and de Volan is that they understood for themselves and convinced Catherine II that there is no better place than Hadjibey.

On May 27 (June 7), 1794, the Highest Rescript of the establishment of the city and port in Hadjibey followed. The new city was given privileges: exemption for 10 years from taxes, military posts, granting loans from the treasury to settlers for the first acquisition, allowing sectarians to perform their services and build their churches.
On August 22 (September 2), 1794, the stone foundations of the first city and port buildings were laid in a solemn atmosphere. This date is September 2, 1794, and is the city's birthday.

In May 1794, the project of the pier and the city was approved, on September 2 of the same year, in a solemn atmosphere, the stone foundations of the future city were laid.

On February 7, 1795, at the behest of the Empress Catherine II, the port city of Hadjibey was renamed. Following the example of other cities of the Black Sea region, it received the ancient Greek name – Odessa. The name was chosen by the empress herself, as a derivative of the feminine gender from the ancient Hellenic settlement of Odissos (Odissos).

In 1795, the new port was already receiving ships. The new life of the city as a commercial port began. The city has become the largest foreign trade center in Russia. The Russian Empire.
Since the completion of the port, the rapid, unstoppable development of Odessa, which turned out to be extremely well located geographically, began.

In one 19th century, it turned from a small settlement into a huge center of trade, science and industry. If in 1793 the population numbered about one hundred inhabitants (without military and construction workers), then in 1799 there were already four thousand, and in 1820-sixty thousand.

To the centenary of the foundation (in 1894) Odessa was on the fourth place in the Russian Empire in terms of the number of inhabitants and the level of economic development.

A third of the city's population consisted of Jews and foreigners: Greeks, French, Moldovans, and Germans.

The first leaders of Odessa are: Don Jose de Ribas, Duke Armand de Richelieu, Count Alexander Langeron, Prince Mikhail Vorontsov and Grigory Marazli.

In 1900, Odessans erected monuments to those who stood at the origins of the birth of the city. To the commander-in-chief of the army, Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tavrichesky, the chief commander of the region, Count Platon Zubov, the head of the assault on Hadzhibey and the chief chief of the city and port under construction, Osip Deribas, the author and first performer of the project of the future Odessa, Franz de Volan, and, of course, Catherine the Second.

Today, Odessa is a major administrative center of Ukraine, with a population of more than a million inhabitants, and the commercial sea port is one of the main economic attractions of the city.

But the main Odessa brand is, of course, humor. Odessans believe that the rapid flowering of humor is directly related to the mild climate, the presence of the sea and the national diversity of the population. It is said that Odessa at different times was inhabited by people of 150 nationalities. Each spoke a different language, and everyone understood each other.
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Live webcam broadcasts a view of the parking lot of the Center for Integrated Social Services in Odessa. Odessa was among the first cities to be attacked by the fascist invaders. Already in August 1941, the city was completely surrounded by land, there was only sea communication through the Black Sea Fleet. From the sea side, Odessa received not only food, but also powerful fire defense.
Odessa, Ukraine 18.06.21
Center for Integrated Social Services. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts live from the Alley of Stars in Odessa. For the City Day in 2014, the Avenue of Stars was opened on Lanzheronovskaya Street. The first stars are dedicated to Odessa itself, as well as to famous Odessa citizens: Isaac Babel, Yuri Olesha, Anna Akhmatova and Kira Muratova.
Odessa, Ukraine 18.06.21
Avenue of Stars. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts a view of the Greek Square in Odessa. Not so long ago, Greek Square was called quite differently - Martynovsky Square. But, despite the name change, it has not become less attractive for tourists and guests of Odessa. It is very easy to find it, since the square is located in the city center and is located between the famous Deribasovskaya street and Bunin street.
Odessa, Ukraine 17.06.21
Greek square. Odessa webcams online
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The online webcam opens a view of the monument to Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko in Odessa. The monument was erected in 1966. The marble sculpture on a granite pedestal was created by sculptors A. Belostotsky and O. Suprun and architect G. Topuz. The height of the monument is 9 meters, around it there is a granite parapet.
Odessa, Ukraine 17.06.21
Monument to T.G. Shevchenko. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam shows a view of the Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace in Odessa. The Vorontsov Colonnade was built in 1834 by the famous Italian architect Franz Boffo by order of the Governor-General of the city Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov.
Odessa, Ukraine 16.06.21
Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace. Odessa webcams online
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The camera broadcasts a live broadcast from the 10th April Square in Odessa. 10 April Square was formed in the mid-80s as a new urban interchange. The result of the construction was the emergence of a new street - Genoese. They decided to name it in honor of the sister city of Odessa, with which they became related back in 1972.
Odessa, Ukraine 16.06.21
10th April Square. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam opens a view of the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa. Potemkin Stairs is a boulevard "cascade" of Odessa, which has gained fame as a symbol of the city. It owes its modern name to the historical drama Battleship Potemkin, a film by Sergei Eisenstein, released in 1925.
Odessa, Ukraine 15.06.21
Potemkin Stairs, view No. 2. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts live on the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa. Potemkin Stairs - a boulevard descent in Odessa, leading to the sea. The staircase is one of the most recognizable symbols of the "pearl by the sea", it is often called the "eighth wonder of the world". The Potemkin Staircase is made in the style of classicism; it is not just a pleasant place for walking, but also a real monument of architecture of the nineteenth century.
Odessa, Ukraine 15.06.21
Potemkin Stairs, view No. 1. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts a view of the intersection of Marazlievskaya - Uspenskaya streets in Odessa. The capital of humor, the heroic city of Odessa is located in the picturesque southern part of Ukraine. It is a major regional center, a key base for the Naval Forces. It is a large Black Sea port city with a large turnover.
Odessa, Ukraine 15.06.21
Crossroads of Marazlievskaya - Uspenskaya streets. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam shows a view of the Greek Park in Odessa. A cozy park, lurking near Primorsky Boulevard, has recently officially become the Greek Park, and was previously known under the romantic name Lunny Square. Once it was one of the most well-groomed, with scented beds of bright colors and always-on lighting in the dark.
Odessa, Ukraine 14.06.21
Greek park. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts a live broadcast from the Odessa Yacht Club. From the webcam perspective, we can observe the famous Vorontsov lighthouse - one of the main symbols of Odessa, the lighthouse was established on the initiative of the famous Russian naval commander, discoverer of Antarctica, Admiral Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev.
Odessa, Ukraine 14.06.21
Yacht club "Odessa". Odessa webcams online
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The live camera opens a view of Yekaterininskaya Street in Odessa. The street Ekaterininskaya itself appeared among the first on the city plan. The street is named, according to some sources, in honor of Empress Catherine II, who commanded the city and port to be, according to others, it got its name from the Church of St. Catherine, founded but never built on Catherine Square.
Odessa, Ukraine 14.06.21
Ekaterininskaya street. Odessa webcams online
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The live camera broadcasts a live broadcast from the famous Deribasovskaya Street - the real heart of Odessa, it is here that the heroes of famous anecdotes and songs walk, and locals love to come here during the holidays - City Day, Odessa Humorina. Deribasovskaya is often mentioned in folk stories and sensational films.
Odessa, Ukraine 13.06.21
Deribasovskaya street. Odessa webcams online
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The live camera broadcasts a view of the health track in Odessa, which stretches from Shevchenko Park and Lanzheron Beach along a picturesque slope and sandy beaches to Arcadia itself. The name of the route alone speaks of its purpose: here in winter and summer cyclists, roller skaters, sports joggers and hikers rush in endless rows.
Odessa, Ukraine 13.06.21
Health Track. Odessa webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts the terrace of the NEMO Hotel Resort & SPA in Odessa. NEMO Hotel Resort & SPA is located in the center of Odessa. The Potemkin Stairs and the City Garden are a 15-minute drive away.
Odessa, Ukraine 31.05.21
NEMO Hotel's terrace. NEMO Hotel Resort & SPA Odessa Webcams Online
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